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The ''Grey's Anatomy'' finale: Izzie's life decision

On the ”Grey’s Anatomy” season finale, Izzie risks everything to get Denny a donor heart; plus, with Burke’s career in jeopardy, the hospital throws a high-school formal

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The ”Grey’s Anatomy” finale: Izzie’s life decision

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was much like star Patrick Dempsey’s face: rough around the edges (does the man ever shave?) but endlessly watchable. That’s right, McDreamy. You just keep that moneymaker safe over the summer. I’d opt for a high SPF.

Granted, the main plotline — with Denny on the verge of death while Burke went through surgery after being shot — was a little too ER, but I have to admit it was still incredibly effective and kept me on the edge of my seat.

Truth time: I hate Izzie. And the sad thing is I used to really like her. How could she quit the internship? This Denny situation has turned her into an unlikable (and unbelievable) character. Risking his life and screwing over another patient so that Mr. Three O’Clock Shadow can get a heart transplant? Not a good call. Plus, how can Izzie care nothing about her medical career? After learning of her struggles to prove herself as a doctor despite her trailer-park and lingerie-modeling past, I just don’t buy that she would give up so quickly. Katherine Heigl is a good actress, but her big scene with Denny on Sunday’s episode was just a big ol’ case of overacting. She was almost dry heaving when telling Denny that she couldn’t live without him. If I were Denny, I’d rip out that IV and get the hell out of Seattle Grace. The girl has lost her mind. I appreciate that Cristina told Izzie the very same thing. Someone needed to knock some sense into the girl.

Speaking of sense, there’s no way that Denny and Izzie should have gotten married. Where did this intense relationship come from? We never really saw the level of connection that these two apparently had. It just seemed like a nice, friendly flirtation, but suddenly they were talking marriage, and it just felt forced. The whole situation was almost redeemed by the lovely final scene in Denny’s room after he died. It was such a great group moment among all the interns, even if Heigl slightly overdid it. Alex carrying Izzie off the bed may have been my favorite moment of the night.

Izzie didn’t have as rough a time in this episode as Burke, though. The poor guy gets shot on the way back to help Denny and almost loses the feeling in his hand. Cristina didn’t exactly offer support either. She mostly avoided him. I did love it when she asked Webber how he maintained his edge, and he told her he wouldn’t help make her less human. And her last scene with Burke as she held his hand was quite moving.

What is up with Callie? I loved her in the beginning, but she has quickly turned into a crazy bitch. She’s so mean to George and his friends. And people who live in hospital basements should not throw stones. I’m glad she and George made up, but she needs to lighten up if she wants to win me over. She made a good start by tying Meredith’s dress after finding Meredith and McDreamy post-intercourse.

How much do we love Adele Webber? The speech she gave to her husband was ferocious and fabulous. She needs more screen time next season simply because I’d like to know what makes this woman tick. Why did she stay with this man after he humiliated her?

While the first hour of the finale was action-packed, I found the second half a little lacking. The interns’ one-on-one interviews with Webber really dragged down the proceedings. The death of Doc was touching but a little too obvious a metaphor for Meredith and Derek. And just when I thought nothing else could happen, we had a little event called…the prom. Basically, it was just an excuse to have all the people dress up in nice clothes, which is fine by me. Every so often the audience needs to be reminded why McDreamy is nicknamed McDreamy, and a shot of Patrick Dempsey in a tux is an excellent visual aid. By the way, Addison’s hairdo was a major no-no. It almost looked like she had a fem-mullet. No wonder her husband ended up having sex with Meredith. Let’s talk about that encounter between Meredith and McDreamy: I don’t remember there having been such an intense love scene on Grey’s in a long time. (Hello, no panties!) It also made me feel a little grossed out, simply for the sake of the patients at that hospital. First Izzie and Alex and now Meredith and McDreamy getting it on in a supposedly sterile environment? Come on, people. Take yourselves to the local HoJo or something. But the final shot of Meredith standing between Finn and McDreamy was a fitting climax. It was like A Tale of Two Scruffies.

So, dear friends, we are now Grey-less for the next three months. There will be tough times ahead, but stay strong. Or stare at your TV on Sundays at 10 p.m. and cry. That’s what I’ll be doing.

What did you think of the finale? Will Meredith choose Finn or McDreamy? Can Cristina and Burke keep it together? And what’s Izzie going to do now that she’s quit the program?