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Grey's Anatomy recap: 'Everybody's Crying Mercy'

The doctors argue over who exactly is boss — especially in the case of patient/doctor/father-figure Richard Webber

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Eric McCandless/ABC

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Only on Grey’s Anatomy can you get a philosophical explanation of a playground game, a thumping rap song (Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools”) in the background as a lady dies on a table, and a hearty helping of existential dread to finish off the hour. “You can cry ‘Mercy!” all you want,” explained ye olde Meredith Grey’s voiceover. “But nobody’s listening. It’s just you, screaming, into a void.”

Agggggggh! So angsty! But she’s right! I’m surrounded by death, yet I feel so alive!

Gotta love it.

We’re not kids anymore, said the Voice of Mer, so the simple rules of Mercy no longer apply (not to mention the hospital is simply not named that anymore). Just because someone says “Stop” don’t necessarily mean the other grown-up kid will comply. It’s not a game anymore, after all. It’s a pretend hospital.

Cristina had to tell her sex buddy and — come on, it’s always going to be true — partner-in-love, Owen, to stop gazing longingly into her eyes and passionately kissing her for good luck before her surgeries. He is now only allowed to touch her on the arm, as if they’re freaking strangers or something. It’s just going to be too hard otherwise. A swipe of any other body part will lead to sex. Every single time. We’ve been over this. (This literally took place last week. Feels like the same conversation. It’s just you two again, screaming into a void!)

“Let’s…date other people,” Cristina choked out, in tempered disgust. “It’ll suck, and it’ll feel forced — but maybe it will help.” Meanwhile, she occupied herself with Alex’s burgeoning relationship with Jo, which has a long way to go before facing imminent ruin after years of not quite working. Cristina kept poking fun at her roomie, giggling with delight while munching on Heart Happy (tsk tsk) cereal in his bed.

But eventually Cristina stopped mocking Alex and just got real ‘n’ raw: “She’s the thing that’s special, you dumbass,” she yelled, frustrated at his hesitation to rip a willing/desperate love interest’s scrubs off. “God, you have the right person, right there. You both want the same thing.

And that’s the problem, of course, with Cristina and Owen. But “don’t go too deep,” Alex suggested. He was only partly talking about the surgery at hand.

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