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Grandfathered recap: Jimmy & Son

Gerald works for Jimmy, and Sara works on her sexting.

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Jordin Althaus/FOX


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John Stamos, Josh Peck, Paget Brewster

“Jimmy & Son” opens up with Bruce doing chores for Sara around the house, clearly trying to prove how useful he is to have around. But when Jimmy arrives, he quickly clears out. Jimmy throws some snide remarks Sara’s way — that jealousy thing clearly hasn’t gone anywhere — and then heads to the guesthouse to follow through with his real mission: to get his son a job.

“If I employ Gerald, he’ll have some dough, and he’ll be able to finally step out of the guesthouse,” he tells Sara.

Gerald doesn’t love the idea. He’s working, he says, on an airplane-boarding simulator for Boeing that would streamline the boarding process. Boeing doesn’t know that he’s working on this, but hey — it’s the thought that counts, right?

“What’s a real job?” Gerald demands after his father tries to reach through his naivety. “I got a couple apps that might take off.” Jimmy offers him $16 an hour to host at his restaurant, and he turns it down. Because turning down $16 per hour for an entry-level job when you’re unemployed makes total sense.

But later that night, Gerald hears Bruce searching for condoms. Suddenly, he’s all about a job outside of the home. He takes the job from Chip, a poor soul Jimmy had hired after Gerald’s refusal, and his dad sets out him to teach him to host.

The kitchen is the place to be before the shift begins. Not surprisingly, Ravi has a pre-shift dance routine with magic tricks included. Annelise is not impressed. She tells him to get it together because his kitchen crew thinks he’s an idiot.

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Sara, meanwhile, is attempting to sext Bruce — with photos of herself eating a tuna sandwich. Vanessa comes over just in time; she’s the perfect person to rectify this situation.

At the restaurant, Jimmy has chosen to put Gerald in the thick of the action. “Best way to learn is to throw him into the deep end,” he says. Right on cue, Gerald begins to tell the customers that he’s feeling “a little blue for no reason at all.” He refers to items on the menu as “murdered babies” and “tortured adults.” Appetizing.

Ravi is struggling in the kitchen at trying to impress Annelise with his serious work ethic. He yells at his staff, telling them he’s their boss and they should take him seriously. This is clearly going to be a mounting problem.

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