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Grandfathered recap: My Amal

Jimmy is looking for love, and Vanessa is looking for lust.

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John Stamos, Josh Peck, Paget Brewster

This week’s Grandfathered episode begins with Grandpa Jimmy chilling at his pad with Edie. His intention is to get some work done while his granddaughter watches TV, but he soon gets invested in a children’s show when he hears Snoop Dogg’s voice — and who can blame him, really?

While his daughter hangs out with his father, Gerald is getting romantic advice from his young neighbor, who Jimmy describes as a “prepubescent ninja.” It’s up for debate as to whether or not the kid even has armpit hair, but Gerald, as always, will try anything to win over Vanessa.

When Sara tries to set her son up with an attractive coworker of hers, Gerald isn’t interested, but Jimmy is — and he asks Sara to set him up. She says no, presumably because her coworker is out of his league. And so Jimmy’s next mission is laid out for him.

He heads to Sara’s office the next day, intent on finding her coworker Heidi’s office. (He’s naturally enlisted Annelise’s help: “When you said my job would be 90 percent restaurant-related, were you mistaken or just lying?”) He wants, he tells Sara, to be tamed like Amal Clooney did to George. Sara scoffs and insists that he only wants what he can’t have.

He’s annoying enough that Sara agrees to take him to Heidi, who agrees to go out with him. “Why not?” she says. “He’s attractive.” She’s in the middle of conducting a therapy session, and what do you know, it’s Joey from Full House! Apparently now he feels like he’s invisible to everyone, poor guy. His brief appearance concludes when he agrees that Jimmy is attractive, and our satisfied star leaves Heidi alone to plan their date night.

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Gerald has a big evening planned as well. He’s freshening up for Vanessa, including spraying cologne down his pants — yum. Vanessa comes in with a new haircut and a new plan. “You want to have sex?” she asks Gerald.  Not surprisingly, he agrees.

“Someone’s got some new moves,” she says when the deed is done. “Well that’s because someone read a book about female sexuality that was recommended in Lena Dunham’s newsletter,” he replies.

Vanessa, inspired by Gerald’s new sexual prowess, suggests that they become friends with benefits who meet up a few times per week for repeat performances. Gerald, while hesitant because he also wants more, quickly agrees.

At the restaurant, everyone is preparing for Jimmy’s date. Jimmy serves Heidi a $300 wine bottled on her birthday. The staff has clearly got this down. A waitress drops food so Jimmy can be a hero about it. Ravi approaches Jimmy and pretends that Lionel Richie is outside waiting for him. Jimmy is clearly not too familiar with the phrase “over the top.”

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