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Gracepoint recap: Episode 4

Detectives Carver and Miller investigate a new person of interest in the Solano case.

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After two episodes honing in on Mark as the suspected killer of his son Danny Solano, Gracepoint turns its attentions to the variety of other potential killers in town. And, boy, secrets are abounding in this town. But Ellie and Emmett are also turning their gaze outside of Gracepoint’s boundaries at least for part of this episode, much to the satisfaction of Ellie. Emmett calls her out on being “peppy.” She’s happy that they are “finally getting somewhere” with “two solid leads.” He points out that they aren’t from her town. She mentions that Dean, Chloe Solano’s boyfriend, did grow up in Gracepoint.

But let’s not focus on Dean first, the outsider with the biggest question mark over his head is Lars Pierson, the man to whom the phone number found in Danny’s jacket belonged. Pierson is a war veteran who received a general discharge for reasons that are unknown. Later we discover that Pierson did renew a prescription for an anti-psychotic eight months ago. The local sheriff where Pierson’s cabin is located won’t let our Gracepoint detectives search it without a court order. Jack Reinhold recognizes this man as the hiker Danny was talking to one morning, but that’s not the most shocking revelation about him. It’s that he had a strange encounter with Beth. He came into the visitors center, Beth tells Ellie, smelling like propane and giving off a strange vibe. He noticed a picture of Danny and Chloe on Beth’s desk. He told her she had a beautiful family. That’s undeniably creepy, but for the most part Lars is a mystery.

The other person Ellie and Emmett are focusing on is less of a mystery. It’s Dean, Chloe Solano’s boyfriend. Chloe finally gives up that she got the cocaine from Dean, which prompts the detectives to seek him out. When they encounter Dean, he immediately starts running away from them, which is not a good look. Though Dean is initially defensive, telling Ellie and Emmett that he didn’t know Danny well, the information he ultimately yields reveals more about Danny than it does about Dean. Dean got the cocaine from a colleague, who reveals that Danny was with Dean when he bought the coke and that Danny and Dean were arguing. Dean did take Danny to get the cocaine, but only after he noticed him walking alone and Danny begged for a ride. When they stopped to get gas, Danny stole some items, prompting the fight. Video footage confirms that. Dean explains that Danny was a “lonely kid,” and would ask him to hang out. Dean mentions that Danny was especially alone after quitting his father’s soccer team, telling him “nobody knows me.” As for the night of Danny’s murder, Dean was working at his uncle’s restaurant. That checks out.

Dean, we should remember, has also been a mystery to Chloe’s parents, but that goes away when Mark spots Dean and Chloe. Eventually Ellie and Emmett go to the Solanos—Beth has been demanding more information—to show them footage of Danny’s petty thievery and ask about the money in Danny’s room. There, the truth fully comes out. Though Dean may have seemed suspicious at first—and Dean, rightly, calls out the detectives for profiling him somewhat—he only reveals that the Solano family, and the rest of the town, was truly in the dark about what Danny has been going through as of late.

There are some other characters also worth checking in with in light of this episode…

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