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Gracepoint recap: Episode 3

At least one secret is revealed in the third episode of the mystery.

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Gracepoint Recap
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There are two important text messages sent in this week’s episode of Gracepoint. The first is from Mark Solano, the murdered Danny’s father, to his colleague Vince Novik. In Mark’s text, he asks Vince to lie about his whereabouts the night of Danny’s death. Much later in the episode Chloe Solano shoots off another text to someone who is at that point unknown, telling him or her to tell the police about where her father was that night. That text appeared to have gone to Gemma Fisher, the innkeeper, who goes in and gives Detectives Carver and Miller Mark’s alibi. He was with her, having sex. “I know,” she says. “Not the best decision.”

These texts both clear some things up and deepen some of the mystery. We now know, on some level, why Mark was being so cagey and, frankly, suspicious about where he was during the period in which Danny died. He was cheating on his wife, and we later see him kissing Gemma, so it seems they weren’t lying about the sex part. But even though the fact that he was hooking up with someone who isn’t his wife the night his son was killed is shameful and embarrassing, why would he risk getting arrested to keep that secret? And why does his daughter perhaps know about his infidelity? As I suspected last week, the focus on Mark has turned out to be somewhat of a red herring, at least when it comes to the mysterious circumstances of what he was doing the night of Danny’s murder. And there are still questions about Mark left unanswered that may have something to do with Danny’s death even if Mark isn’t directly involved.

Some facts Emmett and Ellie found out during their interrogation and subsequent investigation of Mark: The reason Mark’s prints were likely at the Harvey Ridge house? He says he was there on a job “a couple of weeks ago.” However, when Ellie and Emmett go to Susan Wright, she says curtly that he she didn’t call him to fix any pipe. (More on that Susan character later.) On top of that, Mark has a boat. Not only did creepy Raymond bring up a boat last week, but Ellie and Emmett postulate at the beginning of the episode that a boat was used to transport Danny’s body from the Harvey Ridge house to where he was found because it would leave no prints. In Mark’s boat? Danny’s blood. The family was fishing. Danny cut his foot.

Then, more information comes out when Emmett interrogates Ellie’s son Tom. Most of the information Tom has about Danny doesn’t reveal much. Danny stopped caring about baseball, Tom explains. And then Emmett asks about Danny’s dad. “He said his dad hit him,” Tom says. Is Tom telling the truth? Or is he just a kid with a secret put under a lot of pressure? We see Tom fiddling with his hands during the interview. It’s unclear, but now Mark is potentially abusive.

Mark, however, is also guilt ridden. In the episode’s opening scene he imagines Danny, alive, and crying in his closet, and he considers Danny’s murder his punishment for cheating on Beth.

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