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Gracepoint recap: Episode 2

Suspicions swirl around the Solano family in the second episode of Gracepoint.

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Naturally, a victim’s family is called into question in a case like the murder at the center of Gracepoint, and the Solanos have a lot of questions to answer after episode 2.

They aren’t necessarily helping their case, even though they made list of possible suspects to give to Ellie. Emmett thinks this could be a ploy: “They could be trying to direct where we look, taking the focus off their family.” By the end of the episode, it seems that Emmett might be right, despite Ellie’s optimism about the family.

At the conclusion of the second installment, our detectives actually have cornered Mark Solano, Danny’s father. His alibi is shot. Security footage shows that he wasn’t actually on a job the night of Danny’s murder—though it doesn’t reveal who he might have been meeting because of a power outage. He is hesitant to explain why he wasn’t on a job like he said he would be, finally saying he had drinks with a friend when pressed by Emmett. He says he “can’t remember” the name of his friend. Even worse? His fingerprints were found in the Harvey Ridge house, now thought to be the site of Danny’s murder.

I have to admit, this sounds an awful lot like a red herring. This is only the second episode of the show—if Emmett and Ellie find the murderer now, the show is going to have to twiddle its thumbs a lot. Still, Mark’s after-hours antics very well could be linked to Danny’s murder. If nothing else, he shows that he wasn’t being very perceptive when his son was killed.

The show also gave us reason to look at Mark askew in the first place. As I mentioned in last week’s recap, he lacked the emotional reaction of his other family members when Emmett and Ellie reveal Danny’s fate even though his breakdown upon seeing Danny’s body was very honestly portrayed by Michael Peña. He’s involved in something, sure, but maybe not killing his son.

And then there’s Chloe Solano, the other member of the Solano family who is involved in something nefarious that may or may not be related to her brother’s death. CSI found cocaine in Chloe’s room, along with $500 in cash taped under Danny’s bed. Chloe tries to brush it off when Ellie confronts her. “It was one tiny bag,” she said. One tiny bag of cocaine often signals bigger issues. Unlike Mark, however, Chloe seems to be more in the clear.

Innkeeper Gemma Fisher had actually asked Chloe, who was working at the inn, to get the cocaine for a couple from Seattle who had wanted it. (Now, that’s not to say there’s nothing wrong with that kind of request. What kind of people come to a quaint seaside town to get high on cocaine? But that’s sort of beside the point.) Chloe got the cocaine for Gemma, but the couple had already left, and Gemma gave it back to Chloe. Ellie angers Emmett because of her leniency toward Gemma, who is nervous about losing her license. “Stop reassuring people,” he tells her. She, however, says that he’s not there to train her: “So you can keep your brooding, ass-a-holic, big city cop act to yourself.”  Both of them are right.

As one might have expected, Chloe got the coke one way or another from Dean Iverson, who is not quite as sympathetic to her family’s situation as he should be. She lashes out after he worries about the police coming to his house.

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