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Gotham recap: Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime

Gordon and Penguin work together to stop Galavan and the Order’s evil plans.

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We’ve come to the winter finale of Gotham season 2, and to put it lightly, I’m confused. Is anyone else confused? After episode upon episode of build-up regarding Theo Galavan’s plan for revenge against the Wayne family and Gotham City, alongside the Order of St. Dumas, I incorrectly assumed his fall would not be quite as abrupt. Instead of an epic showdown, we get a rushed fight scene, Galavan’s death, and a somewhat happy ending (for now) for Gordon, despite succumbing to so much violence at this midway point to the season. “Worse Than a Crime” leaves viewers with some loose ends (as well as teases for both Hugo Strange and Mr. Freeze) but no real direction in where the story might go next.

Tonight most of our major characters come together for one man: Theo Galavan. The members of the Order have come with Father Creel to finally kill the “The Son of Gotham,” restore the name of Dumas to Gotham City, and complete the cleanse of the Wayne Family. On the other side of the spectrum, we have a whole lot of ideas on how to try and stop Galavan with no real consensus. But that’s what happens when “villains” and “heroes” work together to achieve the same goal for different reasons. 

We begin just a few moments from where we left off in “The Son of Gotham,” with Bruce being led to his possible death by Galavan and Alfred running through a dump after escaping Tabitha Galavan’s knife on the back of a garbage truck. Alfred runs through the dump and hides in a discarded freezer as Tabby and her goons search for everyone’s favorite butler. But once they walk past him, he’s hit with a pile of garbage from overhead. 

Galavan reveals his reasons for wanting to kill Bruce once and for all, then takes him to his tower for the beginning of his creepy ritual sacrifice-esque death, complete with some kind of anointment by Father Creel on Bruce’s forehead. Of course Lucius Fox comes out of the secret Wayne Batcave moments after Bruce is led off the property with news that Thomas’ hard drive has been fixed, but for now it’s too late. (Side note: Has Lucius been down there this whole time?)

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As Galavan’s plans are finally coming to a climactic fruition, Gordon is having bad dreams about Barbara Kean dangling from the church rooftop. A butterfly flutters out of her mouth as Gordon releases Barbara in the dream. He wakes up in Edward Nygma’s apartment to the sounds of Edward and Penguin singing together. Penguin reveals that Jim is now a fugitive in the eyes of the GCPD (a.k.a. Barnes) and that they must work together to stop Galavan. 

Fortunately for Penguin and Gordon, things aren’t working out so perfectly for Galavan. His and Tabitha’s tension is reaching a breaking point as Galavan insults her childishness and lackadaisical approach to her work, while Tabitha complains about Galavan’s past and control issues and perhaps even his entire plan. Even Silver is no longer on Galavan’s side as she asks her uncle to skip the ceremony thanks to her feelings for Bruce. Galavan can’t have everyone turning their backs on him; he tells Silver that she needs to complete the final task of seducing Bruce one last time and that Galavan must witness Bruce kissing her right before he dies. Tabitha is not onboard, but Galavan puts the pressure on for Silver’s future in the family.

Silver goes to Bruce in his prison cell where he is wearing quite possibly the least flattering but most comfortable-looking nightgown I’ve ever seen. (It is a Snuggie? Please let it be a Snuggie.) She apologizes to Bruce and offers him some company, but at first he rejects the kindness, knowing full well that it’s likely meaningless. However, he quickly changes his mind, and the two share a few moments of bonding over their childhood and interests before Silver attempts to break Bruce out of the prison herself.

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