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'Gotham' recap: 'Everyone Has a Cobblepot'

Bullock, Gordon, and Penguin team up. And it’s pretty awesome.

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Jessica Miglio/FOX


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Donal Logue, Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith
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Everyone loves team-ups. When Batman and Superman put their heads together to solve some unsolvable puzzle or defeat some undefeatable villain, it makes you realize that even heroes sometimes need help.

“Everyone Has a Cobblepot” is a team-up episode, setting Gotham’s strongest characters on a suicide path to take down the corrupt Commissioner Loeb. Alone, they would never succeed, but together they might just have a chance.

Gotham does at least one thing very right in this episode, and that’s doing away with excess. Yes, we still have annoyingly brief snippets with Edward Nygma, and the Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle reconciliation scene was kind of cute, but for the most part Gotham is able to mainly focus its attention on James Gordon’s plot thread, with some considerable amount of lip service (perhaps too much) paid to Fish Mooney.

Let’s start with the bad and finish up with the good. Last episode Mooney gouged out her own eye, so Dr. Dulmacher (a.k.a. Dollmaker) wouldn’t take the pair. It was a little drastic and over the top, and it never really felt like Mooney possessed that level of resolve to pull something like that off, but oh well. So she wakes up in a hospital bed, and for whatever reason, Dr. Dulmacher has decided to save her life. The doctor does seem sophisticated but obviously crazy, so maybe we shouldn’t read too much into his ability to make rational decisions.

Almost immediately, Fish sets to work begging the doctor to let her people double cross all the people in the dungeon, essentially keeping them all pacified and alive so the doctor can pick them off one by one for his sickening experiments. It seems that Mooney doing a double cross would be too obvious, she most likely has some some kind of long con planned, but right now she’s not showing her cards.

Oh, also Mooney now has a Siberian Husky-like blue eye, insanely light blue, and speaking of body amputations and transplants, Dulmacher’s old managerial type—the guy Mooney dealt with last episode—has been completely transplanted on the body of a woman.

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