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Gossip Girl recap: Changing the Game

Blair’s continued quest to go to Yale has her chasing an attention-starved teen around the city, while Jenny makes a bold move to start her clothing line and breaks her father’s heart

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl

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Dear Jenny,

I no longer like you. You were borderline annoying, verging on shrill, but you really pushed me over the edge last night. Now you’re rocking little doily hats and retro animal-print coats à la Project Runway‘s Kenley. And throwing “guerrilla fashion shows.” I’m pretty sure you just made that term up. Also, the words “guerrilla ” and “fashion” should never really be combined. And didn’t we learn a few weeks ago that “tights are not pants”?! And yet, there you were at the philanthropy ball wearing a shorter than short dress (and aforementioned doily hat) with a pair of leggings. I was actually rooting for the police officer to arrest you. I’m sure that doily hat would have gone over really well in the clink. And you made your hot, hot father weepy when he saw that you had moved out. Don’t make Rufus cry! By the end of the episode, you looked like a Jawa from Star Wars in that oversize sweater coat, schlepping down the street with your sewing machine.

Also, your clothing line looks like something even Amy Winehouse would be hesitant to wear.

Don’t love ya,


Had to get that out of my system.

I love that Nate can no longer keep track of who he hooks up with. Although, if I were him, I’d probably forget about that Jordan lady too. I’d also forget about hooking up with Jenny because it just creeps me out. Also, let’s remember the little doily hats. Doily hats, Nate! It’s not 1924! Frankly, I just do not understand this relationship. Also, Nate is starting to get on my nerves as well. If he didn’t look so damn good in a suit, I’d have written him a little note, too. It just seems like he does not care at all about any of his so-called friends. He had to have known that Dan would not approve of this relationship. And I know that he and Vanessa aren’t getting along, but show a little sensitivity, dude. Even Chuck came off classier than Nate in this episode. So now Nate is off to live with his mom in the Hamptons? Will he be MIA for the next few episodes or what? Maybe that’s where Jawa Jenny is headed too. Side note: Did anyone else notice that the girl who took Nate and Jenny’s photo at the benefit was one of the Gossip Girl readers who approached Dan and Serena in the park earlier in the season? The one who liked Serena? That was a nice little detail.

I do not believe that Lily would be totally fine with Jenny crashing her big night. Since when did this lady become so easygoing? Also, there’s no way that crowd of blue bloods would be into Jenny’s edgy, Urban Outfitters-style line. And even if Lily didn’t retaliate, I feel like Bart Bass would totally want revenge for that night being ruined.

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