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Gossip Girl recap: School Daze

Masterfully manipulated by Chuck, Serena begins to take her place at the top of the school food chain, while Blair is distracted by the unseemly acts of the lord and duchess

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Gossip Girl
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OH. MY. GOD. That is what I yelled out loud while watching Marcus and Catherine make out hardcore on last night’s Gossip Girl. Holy Cougar! I was not expecting that. That is one randy middle-aged lady! Someone’s hitting her sexual peak I guess. But, um, where is the Duke? He is never around and clearly does not keep track of his bank accounts as Catherine is just writing checks left and right to random teenagers. Also, if I were Vanessa, I would have asked for way more than $5,000. Although, how many more pairs of heinous red jeans does a gal really need? And I’m going to start keeping track of this obsession she has with coffee and cafés. It’s like her whole world revolves around coffee beans. Her first scene in this episode she was carrying coffee! Clearly, the woman has a problem. Perhaps all the caffeine is affecting her eyesight, which could be the reason for her wardrobe?

But she kinda blew her relationship with Nate after the whole Duchess-Duke debacle. What’s even sadder is that this will probably mean more alone time for her in the gallery café.

Now for some good news: Lily is finally back! Now the bad news: Rufus is wearing denim shirts! In any case, it was great to see these two together again. I love that they went to Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema — my favorite New York movie theater, TV Watchers. And that they share a love of Harry Dean Stanton! Didn’t Bart basically make her promise to let go of Rufus? Clearly this lady doesn’t have much of a memory. I have a feeling things will change once the elder Bass gets back into town.

I loved Blair in her cape, presiding over the projects/rejects of the school. What high school girls wear capes? It fit, though, with the whole inquisition portion of the episode. “Where do you summer?” she asked one candidate. “The Adirondacks,” said the girl, embarrassed. Ouch. Clearly she was not a guest at the Vitamin-water product-placement party. Blair was in full bitch mode in this episode, and it could not have been more enjoyable to watch. Leighton Meester is really firing on all cylinders this season.

Poor Jenny. High school is hard enough, but being so completely ignored by Blair and her cool posse is a real bummer. I love that Penelope warned her, “Your day will come. We’re just picking our moment.” But then when they finally did have their moment, they just emptied out her purse. Laaaame. At least hobble her with your field hockey stick or something. That reminds me: Since when do these girls participate in athletics? I just can’t see them running around. At least not without Fendi field hockey sticks and Gucci sweatbands. So it appears that Jenny’s answer to the mean girls is simply to ditch school and go to her internship. Since Jenny is the worst liar in the world (hello, stolen Valentino dress!), I doubt she’s going to be able to get away with this for long.

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