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Gossip Girl recap: Schmutz Happens

Serena’s back from Spain with a new secret, Blair fights her nature to stay with Nate, and Cyrus and Eleanor host their first Passover seder together

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Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gossip Girl

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Best. Episode. This. Year. At least so far. And what a great way to kick off the last remaining episodes of the season and build drama. The best part about the episode was undoubtedly all of the humor. Gossip Girl sometimes takes itself a little too seriously and can often feel a little too icy. But this episode was warm (Cyrus is the best — Wallace Shawn should become a regular) and funny (Blair was on fire but even Dan and Serena felt less stiff).

My one complaint is that I need a reprieve from the Audrey Hepburn dream sequences. They just always feel too cheesy. True, Leighton Meester delivered a solid cockney accent, and I’m a sucker for a lady in a big, floppy hat, but I still vote to eighty-six the Hepburn fantasies.

Of course, the center of attention was Blair, attempting a Plan B now that Yale seems out of the question. Sadly though, the back-up plan is to become a socialite, something that makes Eleanor none too pleased. While we’re on the subject of Blair’s folks, it was so nice to have Eleanor and Cyrus back on the show. They’re such a charming couple; GG can use more of that. (And I’m OBSESSED with Cyrus’ ”Schmutz happens…” apron. Too perfect.) But back to Blair, her dialogue — actually everyone’s dialogue — was so tart and amusing. Case in point, when Cyrus offers to get her an interview at NYU, Blair’s response was, ”Just because I lost Yale does not mean I’m wasting my time at a non-Ivy reading Beloved six times and experimenting with lesbianism.”

Blair decided to worm her way into the Vanderbilt family, befriend Tripp’s fiancée and land a spot on a committee at the Whitney. Blair would undoubtedly make a great lady-who-lunches but you get the sense she’s someone who would always yearn for more; shopping at Bergdorf’s everyday would probably tire her. Also, I don’t get the sense she would be big on volunteerism especially when she refers to people as ”commoners;” it’s sort of a faux pas to dish out that kind of language at the local soup kitchen.

The negotiation scene between Blair and Nate’s grandfather was pretty delicious. I loved the look on Blair’s face as she slowly realized that his desire to manipulate Nate into going to Yale could be her ticket to redemption. It was further proof of Meester’s skills as an actress. And it was highly amusing that this plan of manipulation and deceit all took place in a church.

Also, we learned that it was Nate’s grandfather who turned in the Captain to the authorities. Grandpa Vanderbilt apologized and explained himself, but I still think the old dude is not to be trusted. And, frankly, I was more interested in that amazing dress Blair wore to the rehearsal dinner.

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