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Gossip Girl recap: A Family Affair

Nate reconnects with his absurdly rich family, while Rufus and Lily’s latest attempt at honesty disappoints them both

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Gossip Girl Grandfather
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There are some sights so special that you just have to stop and take pause. A rainbow. A unicorn. Nate Archibald smiling. A unicorn jumping over a rainbow. But I think seeing young Archibald’s pearly whites takes the cake. How great was it to see him actually happy? I’m guessing since this is Gossip Girl, the happiness won’t last for long and some long lost secret about Nate’s grandpa will pop up or something (maybe gramps and Lily got it on?).

Now, GG has made us suspend our disbelief a time or two. (My favorite was when Serena and Lily just knocked on the door of the parents of the man she ”killed,” apologized, and then left with no problem. Okay, sure.) But I think the biggest leap of faith was that Dan would actually go over to Nate’s to watch basketball. Does Dan even know what a basketball looks like? I feel like he’d show up to a basketball game wearing a cardigan over his jersey. And Vanessa would probably only show up for the National Coffee Bean Grinding Competition.

Is the Vanderbilt estate the same house that they used in Cruel Intentions? The estate where Reese Witherspoon lived? I think it is. Needless to say, I would reunite with my estranged family, too, if it meant that awesome pad. And, of course, the Vanderbilt boys all play football while donning clothes straight outta the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. That was hilarious. But I have to say this episode didn’t always go for the easy twists. As my coworker Meeta and I were discussing, this outing totally avoided the whole rich kids shun the poor cliché. Vanessa and Dan were welcomed into this family and not judged. Case in point was the football scene when Vanessa watched from the terrace and Tripp’s fiancée welcomed her into the family without question. It was refreshing to expect a certain plot direction and then be pleasantly surprised by its absence.

I cannot believe that Nate and Vanessa had a date at her coffee shop! Does she not have a home? Can we loosen the purse strings on this show to at least build the poor girl a studio apartment? I do have to hand it to the girl, though, she looked really pretty at the Vanderbilt party.

Chuck is back chasing Blair, which is great, but I enjoy the darker, rebellious Blair even more. It is nice to have Carter Baizen out of the picture, though. I still don’t remember him and he’s not dirty sexy like Chuck; he’s more just milquetoast-y. And what the hell happened in Santorini? Did Serena kill ANOTHER dude? I sure hope not. Chuck and Serena interrogating Dorota about Blair’s whereabouts was really amusing, especially when Dorota got angry and her cheeks started shaking! Does anyone know what she said to Chuck?

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