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Gossip Girl recap: The Son Also Rises

Chuck squanders his chance to run his father’s empire, while Blair and Dan’s secret goes public, and Lily and Rufus deal with the fact they’ll never meet their son…or will they?

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‘Gossip Girl’ recap: No more second chances

I’m not sure twist-a-palooza is an actual term but that just feels like the most appropriate description of last night’s Gossip Girl. Hookers! Skeevy uncles! Dead sons! Alive sons! Chuck bringing Blair flowers!

It’s so nice to have bad boy Chuck back! And I actually was kind of moved that Bart left Chuck controlling stake in Bass Industries. He actually believed in his little dapper dude. Also, thanks for showing up Nate. Where the hell have you been this whole time? But back to Chuck, I like this whole power struggle between him and his eeeeevil Uncle Jack. And whatever gets him back to his party boy days is fine by me! One thing that bugged me: How old were those escorts that Jack arranged to swing by? They looked like they rode Razor scooters over.

Poor Blair is just a glutton for punishment. She’s trying her darnedest to get Chuck to be a good man and a steady boyfriend but he can’t help but sway over to the dark side. Also, that dress she wore for their dinner date that never happened was AH-MAZING. You know I love anything that sparkles!

Well, we now know that Vanessa has a hankering for both caffeine and gummy candy. It’s almost like she’s a well-rounded character! Or more like a walking cavity. Who goes to the candy store past the age of 12? Granted it is the classy and famous Dylan’s Candy Store but still. At least we know she’s alive after being MIA. I can’t believe I’m about to endorse something Vanessa wore but I did like the coat and the bag she wore to Dylan’s Candy Shop. I’m not sure I believe Nelly Yuki being malicious and stealing Dan’s phone. His sister just tried to help her last week and now she’s all about sabotaging Dan? The highlight of this whole scene, though, was definitely the return of the trio of young Gossip Girl readers. Their takedown of Vanessa was genius: ”Dating Nate Archibald after striking out with Dan Humphrey? Talk about dating upwards.” Tell it like it is, girls.

I’m a little surprised that the GG gays, Eric and Jonathan, are being so patient and supportive of Little J., especially now that she keeps interrupting their romantic times. And, personally, I would not tolerate that haircut. If she wanted to interrupt my dinner date, there would first have to be a quick trip to the salon. Speaking of, that little braid she rocked at the big brunch looked like the equivalent of a more stylish rat-tail. Please, no more. Anyways, if the gays drop her, who’s she gonna hang out with? Dorota? There are basically zero high schoolers left who could tolerate splitting a green tea Pinkberry with her. While we’re on the subject of people who hate Jenny, I’m totally into the mean girls, especially Penelope. With Georgina out of the picture (at least for the moment), the show really needs a villain and these ladies are a welcome vicious circle.

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