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The Good Wife season premiere recap: 'A New Day'

In the season premiere, Alicia, Peter, and Will learn that religion and politics make strange bedfellows

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The Good Wife
Jeffrey Neira/CBS

The Good Wife

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Hello, and welcome back to… can we still call it The Good Wife? Because, judging by what happened last night, Alicia’s not so good anymore. After nearly two seasons of always doing the right thing—confiscating her son’s condoms, defending the virtues of her almost-always-innocent clients, wearing very tasteful pantsuits that she buttons all the way up past body parts that even scuba divers let breatheit’s now very clear that, as Chris Isaak sings in the opening scene of “A New Day,” Baby did a bad, bad thing.

Isn’t it fun seeing Alicia starring in Good Wives Gone Wild? Judging by the flippy new hairdo she’s sporting this season, something happened in that $7,800-per-night presidential suite that really made her hair curl (and maybe her toes, too). For those pure-of-heart fans who still want to believe that, once she and Will got into that hotel room, they just played on-demand Nintendo games all night, the opening montage discounts that notion, juxtaposing close-ups of Alicia’s new I-just-slept-with-my-boss! glow with video footage of Hamas bombings. No doubt about it: Saint Florrick’s been indulging in some morally-questionable behavior. And from the moment we see her getting off the elevator at Lockhart Gardner, it’s obvious what’s changed. She’s happy.

Excuse us, did we just say getting off? Please forgive us. We’re still caught up in all the double entendres that everyone’s slinging around this week. Among our favorites? Newly strict boss man Will whispering to Alicia: “I’m going too hard on you.” Peter introducing the firm to Sophia, who’s lying back suggestively with her legs propped up: “She’s good, and she’s cheap.” Kalinda cooing to her late-night “law partner” Sophia: “Strange bedfellows, huh?” Diane slowly mouthing those nine little words that Alicia longs to hear: “Wasim wants us to pull out of Jamal’s defense.”

Okay, we’re joking: there’s nothing sexy about that last one. Apparently, Diane’s old friend Wasim has convinced the firm to defend a college kid named Jamal, who (Wasim believes) attended an inter-faith rally for Jewish and Palestinian students and ended up in a fistfight sparked by an anti-Hamas video. Twenty students were involved, and only onea Muslim with no previous recordwas charged. Plus, there’s an unfortunate coincidence: a Jewish fraternity brother named Simon was killed the same night, bound and gagged and stabbed forty-five times, and left with a backward Swastika carved into his forehead. (Later, when Wasim finds out that Jamal’s the prime suspect, he’ll want to distance himself from the case.) Now, what should have been a misdemeanor battery charge is being tried as a hate crime. As Wasim explains, “The new district’s attorney wants to appear tough on his first day.”

Uh oh. Isn’t that new district attorney… Peter Florrick?

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