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The Good Wife recap: 'Feeding the Rat'

Will avoids temptation while Diane and Alicia do the right thing in “Feeding the Rat”

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David M. Russell/CBS

The Good Wife

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43 minutes
Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth
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How can a good lawyer stay good when there’s so much inventive to be bad? It’s a real problem for Lockhart-Gardner folks these days, what with all the “strippers and acquisitions” parties going down within garter-snapping distance of Will.

Everyone’s finding it harder to do the right thing. Alicia’s still taking on pro bono cases, defending Travis Dolan, who’s wrongly accused of robbing a convenience store and killing the clerk, but it’s starting to hurt the firm financially. Diane feels like she’s being forced to take on more bankruptcy cases and part ways with legal aid, just so that she doesn’t have to “dance to the tune of Eli Gold.” And Will shrugs off a shot at a baseball commissioner job because, as he puts it, “not everyone can pursue their dreams. Someone has to work.”

All this puritan work ethic makes it easy to long for a few more guilty-pleasure subplots. Where are Way Too Nosy Owen and Crazy-Screaming Eli when you need them? Luckily, as Celeste points out, it’s only a matter of time before most people get tired of acting normal. “You can live your sweet little domesticated life,” she tells Will. “You can date your cute little apple-cheeked lawyer. But eventually you have to feed the rat.”

She should know. The lady’s slept with seemingly everyone she’s worked with, including Will (and that mysterious third partner in their threesome!) and their old-man ex-boss, with whom, she admits, she “didn’t do much sleeping.” (Maybe they were up playing card games?) She riles up Peter and Will just to show that she’s got the power to make them angry. (“[Alicia] works with Will she’s married to you,” she saying, nudging Peter. “It must be quite an arrangement! Discuss.”) And is there ever a time when she’s not gambling her career away? First it was just anteing up with Cheerios and bragging about her “adult” negotiating techniques. Next thing you know, she’s got every male lawyer in the Midwest Bar Association placing bets in her hotel room. Now, even when she’s trying to get Will to work with her, she’s using poker metaphors: “When I go all in, it’s not with a stone cold bluff.” “I don’t believe you love [your job]. What you love is winning.”

Diane may want Will to bring Celeste’s bankruptcy cases to Lockhart-Gardner, but it’s a good thing Celeste’s starting her own firm instead. That rat she’s feeding must weigh 500,000 pounds, and it’s gonna take a lot of cheddar to keep it that way.

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