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Glee recap: Rachel is pregnant?!

A ton of surprising hookups happen, Will and Emma’s wedding does not. Plus: Rachel is [spoiler alert!]

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Oh. My. God. What a Valentine’s Day for our Glee crew. It seemed like there was a big bombshell every couple of minutes last night: Emma Runaway Bride’d her wedding! Pretty much all the characters had sex with their exes! And – biggest of all – Rachel is probably pregnant. Dun dun dunnn.

Much like all of you, I’m freaking out. Maybe I was in a haze thinking about all the other characters suddenly getting together at what turned out to be the social event of the season for Lima, but I did not see that pregnancy bombshell coming, even though the Glee team totally Chekhov gunned us what with Rachel catching the bouquet in the first act (big life change!) and all the sex in the second act. But honestly, so much craziness went down last night that prior to the last-minute reveal, it would have been a game-changing episode regardless…just not for the reasons we might have thought going in (Emma didn’t become Mrs. Schuester after all). Let’s dive in from the beginning.

After Finn and Emma’s surprise kiss last week, Finn was feeling incredibly guilty and Emma was trying to brush it off and move forward with the wedding. But she was continuing to freak out, and even Will’s reappearance (Welcome back, Schuester!) couldn’t calm her down. So it shouldn’t have been any surprise when she ditched the wedding before her big walk down the aisle, leading Sue (in a matching wedding dress) to book it down the aisle and inform Will that Emma had just pulled a Julia Roberts for this whole production. Schu was devastated, kind of. He really wanted to marry Emma, but it also sounded like he didn’t want to get in the way of a party for all the college freshmen to reacquaint themselves with one another (Read: They all hooked up), so Schuester decided the reception must go on!

And go on it did. After starting things off on the right foot in the back of a car (just bros helping bros!), Kurt and Blaine were all over each other all night long, whether that meant singing a swoon-worthy, perfectly choreographed duet at the reception, dancing to a ballad, or hooking up in a hotel room upstairs! Happy Valentine’s Day to us all, Klaine fans. After they had hooked up, how adorable did Blaine look when he gave his little speech about how they would always be together and that this wasn’t casual, whether or not Kurt realized it yet. I’m afraid Blaine is going to get his heart completely broken, but for now, it was the most adorable moment of the episode.

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