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Glee recap: Thanksgiving Sectionals

Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and more return to Lima for Thanksgiving. Plus: Sectionals!

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Happy Thanksgiving, you all! What’s that? Thanksgiving was actually last week when the Glee kids were pretending to be superheroes and running around McKinley in capes? Well, last night Thanksgiving hit Lima and New York, which meant the return of many characters as well as Sectionals (not to be confused with Regionals) for New Directions. Apparently a big extracurricular falls on a holiday weekend. As Rachel explained it: that way they can hopefully sell more tickets. Ok!

The episode kicked off with Quinn, Mercedes, Puck, Finn, Mike and Santana singing in the auditorium, home for the holidays, just like they promised. This – along with their reunion catch up/ HumbleBrag 2012 at Breadstix — was very sweet to see. Although who else was surprised to hear that Rachel still kept in contact with Quinn (who now had new long hair – her senior rebellion seems so long ago!)?

At dinner, Finn recruited them all the be mentors for specific Glee club members for a few days prior to Sectionals, and everyone got matched up with whomever they’re essentially replacing on the show: So Quinn got Kitty, Puck got Jake, and Mercedes got Unique. “I knew it. Mercedes was cloned,” Brittany declared. Kitty happily told Quinn that she idolized her – even going so far as to show her a WWQFD (What Would Quinn Fabray Do) picture in her locker. I’m sorry, but that is completely ridiculous. Things Quinn did in high school, just off the top of my head: Got pregnant, got into a car accident after texting and driving, tried to steal her baby back, was very mean to a lot of different people, put a pink streak in her hair. (That’s the worst of all!) This is not someone to emulate. Although, in Kitty’s case, any role model would be an improvement.

Meanwhile, while most of the graduated seniors were able to come back to Lima, Rachel and Kurt (who had been there just a few weeks ago) were not. The twosome decided to have an orphan Thanksgiving in New York, which was a fun idea. But when it came to the all-important guest list, they both went way wrong. Rachel decided to invite Brody after he and her had a quick catch up during her dance class. He did some classic guy moves, from telling her not to be a “crazy girl,” when she explained she was upset, to doing that thing where he’s really hot while dancing with her. He admitted to sleeping with Cassandra, but told her she can’t be upset with him because she was still figuring things out with Finn. Maybe technically true, but it certainly doesn’t bode well. I’m not as excited about Brody as I was a few weeks ago.

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