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Glee season finale recap: Regionals

Rachel goes to her Broadway callback, Blaine flirts with proposing, and McKinley competes at Regionals. Plus: a wedding!

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Jennifer Clasen/FOX


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It isn’t often that the singing competitions are upstaged on Glee, but that’s exactly what happened last night at Regionals for McKinley High when  — in the first few moments of the show – Rachel Berry had her big, final Funny Girl Broadway callback. Sung: I hope she gets it! I hope she gets it! How many seasons will it take? We didn’t find out if Rachel snagged Fanny Bryce (but based on her cover of Celine Dion, I think she’s got herself a chance!), but plenty of other situations were resolved last night, including Ryder’s Catfish drama and Brittany’s post-high school plans. Spoiler alert: Hellloooo, MIT.

The episode kicked off with secret genius Brittany meeting with some administrators at MIT. They informed her that they weren’t quite sure what to make of her: Her crazy-high test scores but 0.2 GPA were hard for them to puzzle out (and they’re supposed to be smart!) They informed her that while she’d failed to answer any of the test questions properly, her crayon number doodle on the back of the test was actually brilliant. They dubbed the string of numbers “The Brittany Code” and confirmed that it may be “the most significant breakthrough of the 21st century.” The most significant breakthrough was Psy coming to America, but regardless, they want Brittany to come to MIT. Immediately.

She’s not sure what to do so, without telling anyone about her MIT meeting, she begins acting out both in Glee club and with coach Roz. No one can figure out why she’s so serious, so Sue (back and not forgotten!) and Will sit down with her for a very special Fondue for Two – which is never a bad addition to a Glee episode – and explain that they’re concerned. Brittany fires back with cutting remarks for Will and a rather scientific deduction that Sue’s baby’s father is actually singer Michael Bolton, a fact Sue confirms. Brittany presents her with a timeline, but the only timeline I want to see is time between Sue watching Lonely Island videos and calling up Bolton. “Captain Jack Sparrow” – it’s clearly sexier than you remember.

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