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'Glee' recap: 'We Built This Glee Club'

The New Directions take us to church at sectionals.

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With only one Glee episode left, it’s clear that the writers are working hard to tie a nice, tidy bow around various story lines. I think it was a wise move to devote an entire episode to sectionals. We will need a two-hour series finale to properly say goodbye to the original underdogs who sang their way through the halls of McKinley High. I have no doubt we will all be a blubbering mess by the final curtain call, but we must get through sectionals before we break out the tissues. 

Mr. Schuester is living his dream—surrounded by kids who execute his uniquely taught choreography with enthusiasm and pizazz. The Warblers aren’t convinced that the number is good enough to win, especially since some of the New Directions are dead weight. When Spencer takes up for “weighty” Roderick, it is suggested that he fall in line on the back row with his buddy. Both agree to ask Kitty to help them with their dance moves. Spencer attacks a jump spin with reckless abandon and ends up on the floor with a severe ankle sprain. Man down! 

Meanwhile, Sam encourages Rachel to think about her future. Is dropping out of NYADA the right move? He leaves her to reflect in the empty auditorium. She gives a confident head nod to Brad the Piano Player, who launches into the opening chords of “Listen To Your Heart.” She strolls to the middle of the stage, sings the first verse, and is joined by none other than Jesse St. James during the chorus. I may have stood up. These two have undeniable chemistry. I’m so glad they brought him back for the final season. 

Jesse meets Rachel on the stage. He’s heard a rumor about how she was offered a role in the new Russell Simmons musical opposite one of Broadway’s hottest actors. Guess how Jesse knew about the offer. That’s right. Jesse St. James is the hot actor! This muscial just keeps getting better.

Rachel gently explains to Jesse that she may not take the role. She wants to return to NYADA. He tells her that she belongs on Broadway. Later, Kurt goes one step further to make sure Rachel knows that whatever decision she chooses, Kurt and Blaine will be in New York to support her. He doesn’t want her to forget how she continues to inspire everyone. 

That afternoon, the group gathers in the choir room, only to be greeted by several boxes of glitter bombs. Will knows exactly who is behind the sabotage. He makes a mad dash to locate Sue and almost slips in Sam’s puke. 

The entire campus is suffering from Montezuma’s revenge. Will finds Sue trespassing in the faculty lounge. She admits that she put eye drops in the school’s water system before she set Will’s car on fire. Will retaliates by posing as Sue’s hair stylist, taping her arms to a chair, and shaving her head slick bald. 

This could totally happen. Just go with it. 

The day of sectionals finally arrives. Everyone knows this competition is really between New Directions and Vocal Adrenaline. However, the John James Audubon Institute for Rehabilitative Ornithology gets major points for performing with actual falcons. Balancing a predatory bird on your arm and waving gossamer sleeves while singing “Broken Wings” is a true talent. Fly high kids!

Vocal Adrenaline is up next. They take the stage performing acrobatic choreography on movable platforms. Sue swells with pride as the audience members cheer when shiny silver costumes are ripped off to reveal cheerleader uniforms. Everyone claps along to the familiar cadence of “Mickey.” It’s an assault of the senses with partner work, flags, and some sort of jumping apparatus. They finish by shooting an actual person out of a cannon. I guess walking on hot coals does make you a force to be reckoned with in the world of show choirs. 

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