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Glee recap: Billy Joel tribute

Sam and Blaine visit New York to explore their post-high school options; the Marley-Jake-Ryder love triangle gets a few Billy Joel solos

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You know Glee loves its tribute episodes, just as much as it loves random fast-forwards to major high school life events. The fast-talking intro tells us it’s almost time for graduation (is it actually? I have absolutely no sense of the timeline right now) and the seniors are tweaking about what they’re doing next.

Enter the McKinley high career fair, which is conspicuously missing an arts table. Sue updates Will (I have been calling him Mr. Schue in all recaps so far, which has honestly been a bitch and a half to write and punctuate, so I’m done with that) on the harsh realities of the job market, wherein arts are simply an impractical career choice. Sue encourages Will to “set up a stool in between Salad Artistry and Fecal Sculpture, [where] you’re more than welcome to regale passersby with your inspiring story how you dreamt of Broadway stardom and ended up rapping for high schoolers with a head of hair that looks just like Olympia Dukakis’ merkin.” Holy crap, what a reference. Did the tweens catch that one?

Will storms into the choir room and encourages the kids to pursue their artistic dreams. “That’s why this week’s assignment is about a goofy-looking kid who struggled for years in the music business,” he says. Kitty hopes it’s Marilyn Manson, but nope, it’s Billy Joel! Surely there are other, more deserving artists who have overcome adversity to find musical stardom, rather than a man who recorded the pinnacle song of his career at age 24, but Joel has some great music, so I’ll take it.

Blaine and Sam inform the club that they’re headed to New York — Blaine, for a NYADA audition, and Sam, for an interview with the Hunter College theatre department. (He also mentions that he’s up for The Channing Tatum Former Male Stripper Grant, which is hi-larious.)  The two perform the first song of the night, “Movin’ Out.” There’s basically no diegetic function to this song, except that Blaine and Sam “move out” of the room (ohhhh) and four hours later, they’ve sung one verse and a chorus but are in New York (FYI they exited Montrose Street’s L stop, in case someone wants to put a plaque there or something). They hop on a bus and get to Rachel and Kurt’s loft. Upon their entrance, Kurt’s exclaims (according to my closed-captions): “Oh. Ah! Hi! Hi! Hi! Wha… Oh, hi!” Grade: C+.

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