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Glee recap: The Break-Up

Relationships end left and right as Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Brittany and Schuster all examine what the future holds 

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Quit playing games with my heart, Glee! If you’re anything like me, you’re probably in tears right now — that, or frustrated out of your mind at Fox, because last night’s drama-filled episode, aptly titled “The Break-Up,” was the last new Glee until November. So you have a month to debate amongst yourselves who’s justified, who’s not, and what poster you’re going to have to take off your bedroom wall…you know, hypothetically.

The episode picked up right where last week’s left off, with Finn at Rachel’s NYC apartment right after she kissed Brody. A surprised – but also rather thrilled – Rachel had a bazillion questions (Don’t we all!) about what exactly Finn had been up to the past four months. The Army, for instance. What happened there? He shared that he did enlist, but only briefly: After accidentally firing a gun (also named Rachel), he was semi-honorably discharged. While Finn was obviously a little lost right now, Rachel was very encouraging in her new plans for him: Move to NY, apply to NYADA, figure out your life here. But when Finn tagged along to her classes for the week, he realized that while Rachel may be finding a place where she belonged, it wasn’t where he felt at home.  “I used to be the man of her dreams,” Finn said. “Now we’re not even in the same world.”

Back in Lima, after a missed connection with Kurt, who had to cut their phone date short because of Vogue.com craziness, Blaine got some flirty messages from one Eli C., who is about to become the most disliked character in the Glee universe. He sent Blaine a very troubling “What up, sexy?” and “You want to come over?” NO HE DOES NOT WANT TO COME OVER, I yelled at my TV. He can’t come over because Blaine has a boyfriend whom he just encouraged to go to New York by singing a wonderful version of “It’s Time,” and those kind of people do not up and cheat on their boyfriends…or so I thought. We don’t immediately see what happened next, just that Blaine got a last-minute flight to New York and showed up to meet Kurt, Finn, and Rachel. Mini reunion!

The foursome decide to go to Callbacks, a popular piano bar with the NYADA set. Problems started right from the beginning: Brody was there, and Finn — while sometimes dim — isn’t dumb. He could tell something was up. An especially perky Rachel desperately wanted to sing a duet with Finn, but he felt out of his league and encouraged her to sing with her “friend” Brody. Didn’t Jesse St. James teach us anything?!“The fact that you could perform with someone else…I just can’t forgive that,” Mr. St. James had explained after seeing the video shoot for “Run, Joey, Run,” way back when.  And just like that relationship eventually went south, as soon as Brody and Rachel started harmonizing “Give Your Heart A Break,” I knew that at least Finn/Rachel wouldn’t not be making it out of NYC without a Facebook relationship change.

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