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Glee recap: There's No Guilt In Pleasure

With Mr. Schu away, the Glee club members decide to explore their most embarrassing guilty pleasures

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Just as quickly as Lord Tubbington made his return to Glee, I’m taking over Erin Strecker’s weekly recap! And the theme of the week was simple: guilty pleasures.

Wham!, Barry Manilow, Bobby Brown, the Spice Girls and Mamma Mia all made their way into this week’s lesson. OK, so technically Mr. Schu was out of town, which made this less of a lesson and more of an excuse to wear numerous sequins and the occasional platform shoe, but still, it was fun, right?

It all started when Blaine confronted Sam about the fact that he was stealing food from the school cafeteria. Was his family experiencing more financial troubles? Actually, no. Sam revealed that he had an artistic side: He enjoyed making macaroni portraits in his spare time. From LeAnn Rhimes to Kurt and even the guys of Duck Dynasty, Sam’s portraits were no joke. And when word spread that Glee practice had been canceled that week, Sam’s paintings gave Blaine the perfect (and oh-so-delicous) idea.

The task was simple: Dig up your deepest, darkest guilty pleasure and reveal it to all of your closest friends through song. Blaine went first by singing a duet with Sam of “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go.” There were sunglasses, perms, scrunchies, black lights, and a little jitterbugging.

And after such a bright throwback number, how could anyone turn down a guilty pleasure assignment? Of course they couldn’t.

The first thing that Brittany did when she learned that it was guilty pleasures week was invite Kitty over to her house for a little Fondue for Two, where they discussed how much everyone hated Kitty and the fact that Lord Tubbington’s guilty pleasure was Scientology, naturally. So what was Kitty’s guilty pleasure? Well, other than farting around old people and watching almost all of the Bring It On movies, Kitty enjoyed the musical talents of five unforgettable Brits. Two words: Spice Girls.

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