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Glee recap: Movies Shout Footloose

Viewers get answers to big questions and everybody dances to classic movie songs

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Adam Rose/Fox


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Welcome back, Gleeks! After a few weeks away and a million burning questions later – Is Rachel pregnant? What’s Brody’s deal? Are Kurt and Blaine going to get back together anytime soon? Where the heck did Emma run off to? – Glee returned last night with one of its best episodes of the season, an hour filled to the brim with musical numbers from iconic movies that also managed to move at least a few plots along. This alone made me want to shout! (I’d apologize for the cheese, but to enjoy this episode you’re really going to need to get on board with things that are over-the-top and silly. The hour ended with Footloose, for goodness sake.)

So where were we? Schu is back directing the Glee club after getting left at the altar – something Kitty is all too happy to remind him of. Schu brushed off the diss and told the kids that for this week’s assignment, they had to perform a song from a movie, and it also needed to be a mashup, because mashups are what the cool kids do and Schu really wants to be cool. Finn was still hanging around the club as some kind of assistant, but for what it’s worth, not participating in the musical numbers. The kids mustered up some genuine enthusiasm for the assignment and got to work.

Blaine and Brittany floated the idea that because the movie mashup contest would be guys vs. girls (with the winner getting to appear in Artie’s next movie), they should have a practice round with all of them performing a number together. Sure, why not? It gave us “Shout,” led by Blaine and Brit, which – in case you missed the memo – was the show’s 500th musical number! After getting that spontaneous song out of the way, the guys tackled a Tom Cruise movie mashup (great way to get Sam to lose some clothes!) and the girls channeled their inner Material Girl.

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