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Glee recap: Glee recap Diva season four episode thirteen

The Glee club kids discover their inner diva, plus a surprise kiss and Santana’s return

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Beyoncé, Barbra, Madonna…Jean Valjean? All were represented last night on a very divalicioius hour of Glee. Lesson of the Week themes have returned (Thanks, Emma!) and that meant that in order to toughen the kids up for Regionals — because, thanks to that sexy calendar last week, the McKinley kids are going once again —  Finn decided to make this week’s lesson all about divas. Happily, this meant viewers were treated to songs by some pretty great singers (tunes that were made for covers!), which made for an extremely entertaining hour that also had a few genuinely surprising plot twists.

With Emma as a guest judge for diva week – because when you think diva, you think Ms. Pillsbury —  the kids were all excited about showing off their inner divas, particularly Blaine, oddly enough. “Men can be divas,” he repeatedly told anyone who would listen.  He would know. After changing into a leather jacket and hat (keep a spare in your locker, you never know when a diva emergency will strike!) he did his best Freddie Mercury and sang “Don’t Stop Me Now,” complete with piano playing, dancing, and more than enough attitude. If you haven’t ever danced around a room to “Don’t Stop Me Now” like Blaine did, you’re seriously missing out.

It was going to be a tough act to beat, no question. So Emma brought in an alum, as one does for high school activities. The moment Santana sashayed in in a cheerleading uniform and belted out “Nutbush City Limits,” viewers remembered how much they missed her. But attitude wasn’t the only thing Santana brought to McKinley; she also brought Elaine, her “out and proud, lipstick wearing, AfterEllen-reading girlfriend.” Brittany was not impressed. Afterwards, Sam and Santana hashed out their relationship conflict in the auditorium by having a fight. And of course, this is Glee, so “fight” meant a killer sad duet that Brittany overheard.  “She’s with me now, and you know that’s the best thing for her. Just let her go,” Sam said. “Never,” Santana replied.

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