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Glee recap: So Much Rain in Spain for Rachel's Parade

Kurt and Rachel have their NYADA auditions with judge Whoopi Goldberg

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Who else is still reeling from one seriously intense episode of Glee? Last night meant that the NYADA auditions finally happened, and, as you might have presumed, somebody choked. Somebody also wore gold lamé pants, and they weren’t the same person. In addition, the Glee kids got a lesson about domestic violence and Puck tried studying — not sleeping — his way to the top of the class for the first time ever.

NYADA auditions! Kurt and Rachel were ready to wow, and were in the midst of last-minute preparations. For Rachel, that meant no talking unless William and Kate got pregnant, Liza Minnelli passed, or unless one of them was in grave danger. It also meant she saw the people around her as metaphors for the things that could possibly get in her way: Murderous Stalker. Adele’s Throat Polyp. Menstrual Bloating. The thing she didn’t count on? Her own nerves.

For Kurt, looming auditions meant practicing his Phantom of the Opera routine on stage, complete with the mask, candles, and human prop Tina. We know the NYADA auditions are important because unlike Nationals last year, we actually saw them rehearsing. I assumed we would get a fun field trip to NY last night, but instead, the dean of the program, Carmen, (Whoopi Goldberg) came to McKinley High to watch, which conveniently allowed Finn, Blaine and (of course) Mr. Schuester to look on.

Kurt went first, and announced he would be singing “Music of the Night” from Phantom — a completely unnecessary introduction, because he was already wearing the mask. But, in a split-second decision after seeing Carmen’s less-than-impressed face, he realized his choice was too common, and announced an 11th hour switcheroo: “Not The Boy Next Door,” from the musical The Boy From Oz. Off came the mask, and out came the gold lamé pants — conveniently underneath his other pair. Always prepared! Some impromptu choreography (with backup from Mercedes, Brittany and Tina) sealed the deal, and Carmen told him, “[I’m sure] Hugh Jackman would have been as impressed with what you did with that song as I am.” The Jackman comparisons came up frequently last night. You can watch Jackman perform the number at the Tonys (also with gold pants) and judge for yourself.

NEXT: Rachel’s audition doesn’t go as planned, plus a major shock from Coach Beiste