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Glee recap: "Saturday Night Glee-ver"

The kids do their best Travoltas during an hour devoted to ’70s disco. Plus: Jesse St. James is back!

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Far Out! Hop in your time machine, or strap on that Time Turner, because Glee went back to the ’70s last night, in a Very Special Episode dedicated to the 1977 classic, Saturday Night Fever. And yes, there was a whole lot of dancing. Oh, and also a sex tape. But we’ll get to that. As a bonus, last night’s episode also heralded the return of Jesse St. James (Jonathan Groff) and the first appearance by Glee Project finalist Alex Newell as Vocal Adrenaline member Wade.

Trivia Time! How long into the episode did fans have to wait to see a disco ball? By my count, a mere five seconds and one dropped down from the ceiling while a bored-in-class Blaine kicked the era off right as he shimmied through the hallways with Mike and Brittany to “We Should Be Dancing.” Quinn might have been MIA (was she abandoned at the skate park?) and Karofsky still wasn’t mentioned — not even with an ill-timed “Staying Alive” joke — but we got Blaine in a bowtie doing some in-the-air splits. Your feelings on that dictated your feelings for the hour.

After Brittany, Mike, and Blaine broke it down on stage for a enthusiastic crowd of New Directions, Schuster asked what brought that performance on. Blaine explained: “We knew this year’s theme for Nationals was vintage, so we thought disco.” There’s the hook. On with the show!

Schu explained via an elaborate voodoo-doll-esque scale model Glee Club diorama — Sue was right. Schu desperately needed a friend. He was concerned about three seniors in particular: Santana, Mercedes and Finn. His wish? For Finn to have a brain some self-esteem, Santana,a heart focus, and Mercedes some courage vision. Schu and Sue had a powwow and decided the best course of action would be to have a dance off. Only problem? As far back as the pilot, the Glee kids have hated disco. Last night, Puck even wore a shirt that read, ‘Disco Sucks!’

But Sue pointed out an interesting factoid: They may not like disco, but those McKinley High kids went apecrazy for swag. Jean jackets, mattresses, dinner at Breadstix — they would sell their firstborn to get stuff for free. Sue promised the crew that the winner of the dance contest would get a replica of the white polyester tux that John Travolta famously rocked (courtesy of Becky). Naturally, this got the whole gang grooving to “Night Fever” — even Finn Teen Solomon Grundy.

NEXT: Alex Newell’s debut, and a shocking sex tape!