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Glee recap: Swan Song NYADA Rachel

Rachel wows at the NYADA showcase; Kurt gets one final chance to get into his dream school

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Glee 409
Eddy Chen/FOX


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Will Marley be okay? Will the Warblers be disqualified for their crazy suggestive lyrics in a high school singing competition? Will Finn ever be allowed near a Glee club again? We were left with a lot of questions after last week’s Glee, and last night picked up immediately after the disastrous Sectionals competition that culminated in Marley crashing to the floor mid-performance, fainting after starving herself for weeks and acting as a literal representation of what many of us want to do when we now hear that dang Psy song.

It all began back in the choir room where everyone was concerned, Marley was embarrassed, Santana was angry and Kitty looked guilty. Worst of all — as many of you predicted — exiting mid-performance meant immediate disqualification. (The Warblers won.) Not winning Sectionals meant Glee club, competition-wise, was done for the year. That was abrupt! Sue didn’t waste any time rubbing the Glee club’s face in it, taking over the choir room for an additional Cheerios practice space and leaving the Gleeks all alone, without a room at the school.

While Finn and Schu tried to put a positive spin on the dramatic turn of events – but naturally, made no follow-up mention of eating disorders —  the Glee kids decided to go their separate ways and join various other activities. Artie joined the band; Blaine and Tina joined Cheerios; Ryder and Jake joined basketball. It turned out Glee club was really holding Brittany back. All the kids were figuring out their next step, and for Sam and Brittany – who had been enjoying a rather innocent friendship/mild flirtation for awhile – that meant finally making a move toward making Brittam? Sattany? Something better than either of those two names? a reality.

Sam put out a trail of Cheerios leading Brittany to an abandoned classroom (save for an at-the-ready band!) and expressed his feelings the only way any of them know how: in song. Their duet sounded lovely, but the conversation that followed –  what I interpreted as a thinly disguised Ryan Murphy and Co. response to Brittany/Santana fans in general – seemed a little forced. Brittany explained to Sam (and viewers) that she was uncomfortable dating him because the readers of Lord Tubbington’s blog have grown to really love Santana and Brittany together and they would be offended by her dating a guy. Later in the episode, after a locker heart-to-heart complete with a kiss, she came to the realization that love is love, and people were going to have to get with the program. I’m curious: Are you excited about going down this road? More importantly: Are you excited about Sam’s plethora of impressions?

NEXT: Rachel performs at the NYADA Showcase!