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Glee recap: Demi Lovato plus more Beatles

Rachel gets some big news, Demi Lovato makes her first appearance, and Tina has a no good, horrible prom

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Tina In The Sky With Diamonds


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The guest stars shook things up on Glee last night, where the second part of a two-part Beatles tribute showcased the gang covering classics such as “Let It Be” and “Hey Jude,” as well as introducing Dani (Demi Lovato) as a new love interest for Santana, and Penny (Broadway star Phoebe Strole) as Sam’s new crush.

Let’s get the high school plot out of the way first: Glee had an uphill challenge finding a new way to show prom, so instead of a wholly original idea, they borrowed from some of the most iconic. There was a Regina George-homaging neck brace girl (and on October 3rd!) as well as Tina fake-winning prom queen only to be covered in a bucket of blood red slushies, courtesy of new McKinley High Mean Girl Bree (a.k.a Santana 2.0). Poor Tina. The show really kicked her around, from early in the hour with Sam saying he wished he was going to prom with someone else, to having Tina embrace her inner mean girl and dry up any sympathy viewers might have had for her.

Speaking of unsympathetic characters, new cheerleader Bree adopted a page (and a monologue) from viral-ready Deranged Sorority Girl and became wholly unlikable in her quest to take down Tina. The only upside is that now Kitty is somewhat likable by comparison? The fact that bully Bree is getting a free pass (and encouragement) from new principal Sue is only making me groan. She better not join the Glee club anytime soon.

In the much more fascinating New York world, Kurt also got a job at the singing restaurant, because his unpaid internship at Vogue is paying exactly zero bills. Also working at the cool new hangout? Demi Lovato! The X Factor judge began her arc last night as Dani, a new crush for Santana. The two instantly hit it off, which is mostly noteworthy for Rachel’s perfect BFF excitement about a friend’s new relationship. Dani and Santana flirt a bit; Santana is excited about dating a girl who identifies as lesbian, not bi, and the two then sing a duet of  “Here Comes The Sun,” followed by a quick kiss.

Rachel was busy cheerleading that relationship because she was trying — and failing — to move on from what she thought was her lost role in Funny Girl on Broadway, made harder by the fact that Santana had booked a commercial. Rachel Berry is many things, but one thing she is not is happy for others when things aren’t concurrently going her way. Sure, Santana’s big break was for yeast medication (“I like yeast in my bagel, but not in my muffin”) but it was still acting work. A+ on the over-the-top fake commercial, Glee crew.

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