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Glee recap: Rabbit Feet and Makeovers

Rachel is in a love triangle and Kurt is in fashion lust with guest star Sarah Jessica Parker

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I hope you all had your share of silliness when the kids covered Britney last week, because it looks like it’s going to be drama-city in Gleeville for a while. Kurt tried to get en Vogue, Brittany and Blaine ran for student body President, and Rachel got smokin’ – literally – with Brody, who I’m guessing right about now half of you are in love with, and half of you want to throttle.

In Lima, student council elections were happening and Brittany wanted to repeat being President — four more years! — even though her greatest/only accomplishment last year was dinosaur prom. In classic Glee style, there was no mention of her total-breakdown from last week, nor the fact that she was suppose to ease up on extracurriculars so that she could, you know, pass senior year this time around. But anyway! She decided to VP-up with Artie, because she saw what having someone in a wheelchair could do for her campaign. “Franklin Roosevelt was part robot too, and he’s on Mount Rushmore,” she explained.

Blaine decided that he needed a new project now that Kurt was gone and he really had nothing else going on at McKinley. He transferred there solely to be Kurt’s Perfect Boyfriend (TM), after all. It’s his turn to shine! Blaine Anderson Warbler 2012. He sang “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” to express his inner longing to be elected to the student council. In the video montage, Blaine wore various superhero costumes, which was great, but mostly I want to talk about the moment where he dressed up like a wizard. Should we consider that a shout-out to A Very Potter Musical? (I’d apologize for the Potter reference, but J.K. Rowling’s book came out today, which means my Potter sense is on overdrive).

Meanwhile in New York, it was V-Day: Kurt’s interview for an internship with Vogue.com with big-time editor Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker). I liked the Mean Girls-esque montage of people telling the camera why she was terrifying/powerful. But Kurt — complete with a hippo brooch — won her over by being from small-town Ohio. She was from Columbus! Coincidences! He talked up putting together outfits and his fashion finds, and an impressed Isabelle told him, “Anyone who can pull of hippo brooches deserves to be here.” Isabelle and I have very different definitions of “pull off.”

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