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Glee recap: School Shooting (Glee season 4 episode 18)

Gunshots at McKinley terrify the school — and you won’t believe who brought the gun

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This week the McKinley crew had to deal with a dose of reality far worse than being disqualified from Regionals: There were shots fired at school and the kids — most of whom were in the choir room together when they heard the gunshots — were justifiably terrified.

If viewers didn’t know going in that tonight’s episode was going to be intense (there was a warning prior to airing that the episode dealt with “school violence”) they could be forgiven for thinking we were in for a standard song-and-dance hour. For the first half of the episode, the show seemed to be moving more slowly than normal, with a plot that involved Brittany telling everyone that an asteroid (or a comet? Both!) was headed for Earth, and they would all be destroyed. While no one seemed to seriously believe Brittany, the prediction did allow Mr. Schuester the perfect opportunity to tell the kiddos the theme of the week: Last Chance, which meant, “singing our last songs to each other, or [to perform and] make it feels like it is.” I’ll take “Foreshadowing a Tragic Event” for $400, Alex.

Brittany’s prediction made her reorganize her priorities, which involved making sure Lord Tubbington knew he was loved. Brittany explained to Sam she has stopped singing to Lord Tubbington when “he joined the KKKK, which is the Klu Klux Klan for cats,” but Sam suggested bringing Lord Tubbington to school so the kids could all sing to him and then maybe he wouldn’t be threatened over competing for Brittany’s attention. (Why she didn’t just remind Tubs that he’s the only one she has a web show with we’ll never know!) The kids sang a sweet tune, but the worry about their doom was all for naught, as Brittany discovered that the “meteor” was actually a dead ladybug, and the “telescope” was a Pringles can.

Her heart full of shame, Brittany disbands the astronomy club once she learns her findings aren’t quite scientific. Becky, a member, confesses to Brittany she is scared about the future and wants Brittany to stick around school for another year. “Brittany, I’ve always looked up to you. Let’s both not ever graduate. The world out there is really scary. Someday they’re going to make me leave here. And I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Brittany tells Becky she can’t stick around with her, but that if she prepares, there is nothing outside McKinlely to be scared of. They pinkie-promise everything will be OK, and all seems swell.

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