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Glee recap: The 100th episode!

The oldest New Directions return to Lima and pair off to revisit some fan favorite performances in Glee’s 100th episode.

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Glee 100 Recap


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I’m known amongst my friends for occasionally expressing my distaste for nostalgia (also, my extreme love of Daylight Savings Time – give me all the sun, I want it ALL!). But I don’t really hate nostalgia – not only would that be weird, but I would probably have to get off Tumblr altogether. I’m just weary of it; like your grandmother watching you use your iPhone…actually, maybe that’s that opposite of nostalgia, but you get it. Weary.

Nostalgia isn’t just remembering the past, it’s remembering the past more fondly than you’re experiencing the present. Because when a bus splashes you with three-month-old snow on your walk to work (seriously, New York, it’s late March, I did not sign up for this), you’re not exactly looking at the present situation through rose-colored glasses. But when you’re looking back on college, or high school, or that time you had a bunch of Britney Spears hallucinations, it’s easy to just remember the good stuff.

I think I’m future-focused Quinn in this long winded scenario — Puckerman is a Buzzfeed list about how everyone wore capri pants in 2003. And maybe Puck is right this time, that it’s OK to dwell a little in the past (especially if it’s going to result in Mercedes, Kurt and Rachel revisiting “Defying Gravity”) because this 100th episode was a pretty fun ride. It has most of the mainstays of 2.0 and Original Flavor Glee. It pokes a little fun at itself, and still lacks plenty of self-awareness; it made me laugh, and, ugh, it made me cry; I was simultaneously frustrated by and disgustingly fond of almost every single character. Yes, somehow it’s taken this long for confusing, silly, weird little Glee to reach its 100th episode. Bring on the nostalgia, I’m totally ready!

When the camera first flashes to Mercedes and Rachel storming down the McKinley halls – Mercedes sashaying, and Rachel with her baby stomps – I almost can’t remember a time when they weren’t there. Of course, we won’t soon forget the era of “What Does the Fox Say” or “Gangnam Style,” but for one brief moment, it’s a near thing. Technically they’re here to celebrate the Glee Club one last time before it’s gone forever; but in reality they’re back to prove something they wanted so badly to prove in high school, and it seems that no amount of unimaginable success at 19 years of age is able to do it for them. (See, this is why I’m nostalgia-weary…I am not trying to go back to my Texas high school to prove a point.) They’re don’t quite receive the hero’s welcome they were expecting as “the biggest Broadway star/recording artist this school has ever produced,” though, and it’s got them a little sour.

In addition to the two shiniest Glee divas, the rest of the gang has also made the trip back to Lima: Brittany, Santana, Mike Chang and Quinn are all back, and still willing to listen to Will, who tells them their assignment this week is to reinvent songs they’ve sung in the past. Speaking of revisiting the past, April Rhodes is back! She’s acquired herself an island, a pixie cut and just a hint of extra Blanche DuBois to her accent. Tina tells Marley that April “taught [her] how to shoplift meat in [her] vagina,” and I’m reminded that, yes, that sure is something she did. But today is less about vagina thievery, and more about celebrating, so it’s time to revise former Warblers number, “Raise Your Glass” (with only two episodes left, I knew it was about 50/50 that I would have to hear Will say “panty snatcher,” so at least I was semi-prepared). It doesn’t quite hit the original Warblers high, but of course it’s a party because there are just SO MANY PEOPLE. The kids, new and old, and their chaperones dance the only way you can to that song: jump, jump, fist pump, fist pump, break into trios indicative of your dance skill level. B+

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