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By the end of this episode, basically everyone knows Hannah is pregnant — except for Ray, who’s probably off dealing with his own problems, and Shosh, who’s been sadly MIA in recent episodes.

First, Hannah has Marnie over to tell her the news. Marnie, predictably, attempts to hijack the night when she reveals Ray dumped her. “Can you believe it?” she asks Hannah, completely serious. “Kind of, yeah,” Hannah responds. “You’re like, a horrible c–t to him.”

No matter how important Marnie thinks Marnie is, her news isn’t enough to top Hannah’s. At first, Marnie thinks Hannah’s joking about pregnant. She laughs, then demands to know what happened, then scolds Hannah for not using any birth control, then is overjoyed when she finds out Hannah’s going to keep it. What a rollercoaster. And it doesn’t even end there! Once Marnie finds out Hannah isn’t planning on telling the father, she is again back to scolding her friend and even says that not telling Paul-Louis is “f—ing insane.” Questionable, sure, but f—ing insane is a little far. Like, Marnie, have you looked at your own life? You’re not exactly in a place to judge.

And that place, specifically, is New Jersey, where she and Desi are supposed to play at her mom’s friend’s birthday party. She already knows Desi didn’t want to do it — in an earlier scene, he complains about how he vowed he wouldn’t play any more “bulls— gigs” — and when he shows up to the venue near-catatonic, she simply thinks he didn’t get enough sleep. As her mom soon says, “Marnie, you really should know what a high person looks like by now.”

So Desi’s out. Marnie assumes that means she’s not playing that night until her mom has an epiphany: She’ll stand in for Desi! Great idea! I mean, I’d rather see Rita Wilson strum the guitar than a bearded dude any day. The crowd does not agree, partly because she’s super weird on stage, and also because that type of music isn’t exactly ideal for a bumpin’ birthday party at a club in the first place. And then there’s Desi, who watches the trainwreck from the crowd, wearing just a cardigan over his bare chest. As soon as it starts going downhill, he goes back outside and, still f—ed up, attempts to board his bike. It doesn’t work. That’s the last we see of him this episode, so I’m really, really hoping he called a sponsor or a counselor or a hospital or something before it got any worse. He’s grown on me, and honestly, I’d probably be more upset than Marnie would if he died of an overdose or something. (Though, to be fair, saying I’d be more upset than Marnie isn’t really saying too much.)

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