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Girls finale recap: Love Stories / I Love You Baby

Hannah, Marnie, Shoshanna and Jessa are finally starting to piece it together

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Has this been the best season of Girls so far? I think so. If not the best, then it’s definitely the most earnest and empathetic so far. Let’s dig into how Girls brought this phenomenal season to a funny and poignant close, which included an allusion to The 400 Blows

For Hannah, this season has been one of major growth, and that’s clearly evident from the first scene in “Love Stories.” Fran stops by her apartment to pick up his stuff and is angry because he blames her for turning him into someone who gets angry. However, Hannah doesn’t take the bait, remains almost completely calm, and responds to his profession of love with a simple, “I would be happy to pay for an Uber to transport you and your things back to your home.”

After ending things with Fran, Hannah goes to the school and quits her job; however, it’s very clear that it isn’t about Fran. She’s trying to figure out what she wants to do, and teaching isn’t that. After apologizing to the principal for Basic Instincting him, she leaves the school and runs into Tally Schifrin (Jenny Slate), one of her friends(?) from college who has published a lot since graduating and is currently working on a novel about “the tyranny of political correctness at Oberlin,” as one does.

“It’s a work in progress, as it is for everybody, I would say — people big and small,” responds Hannah when Tally asks how she’s doing. That’s a very fitting and self-aware statement for Hannah.

Having Tally come back into the picture at this point in the series feels very fitting. This season has focused on the maturity of Hannah, and it seems right to have someone who she wasn’t a big fan of in the first season return at this important juncture. This time around, Hannah is a lot more receptive to Tally and even opens up to her, and they end up spending the day together.

A bike ride through the city leads to Tally’s apartment where the two women get high and share even more. It turns out Tally’s life isn’t as great Hannah thought it was. Once all of the sharing is done, the girls have a dance party to “Feeling Myself,” which looks like so much fun. Their big day ends when they run into Jessa and Adam, while still high, and burst out laughing.

Hannah isn’t the only one who develops a connection with someone in “Love Stories.” Marnie has a weird sex dream about Ray. Except in the dream, there was less sex and more brushing Ray’s hair, which was long, raven black and Khaleesi-like. In any case, she still had an orgasm from the dream, a fact that disgusts Elijah. Following her chat with Elijah, she has a meeting with Desi to clear the air and to make sure that he’ll stop being weird when they go on tour. Unfortunately for her — but fortunately for us because it’s hilarious — Tandis interrupts their chat.

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