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Girls recap: Hello Kitty

Hannah has an upsetting realization while attending Adam’s play, and Elijah’s heart gets broken

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Last week’s fantastic Marnie-centric episode put several of Girls‘ ongoing storylines on hold. With “Hello Kitty,” the show dives back into those dangling threads with a very funny installment. “Hello Kitty” opens with Hannah in a meeting with her boss, who is scolding her after receiving complaints from other teachers that she disparages them to other students, including commenting on their sexual lives and expressing her disdain for some of them. The principal says he has to take serious action, and Hannah responds by pulling a Basic Instinct — opening her legs to reveal she’s not wearing any underwear.

Hannah’s stunt pays off, somehow, but that doesn’t stop Fran from being pretty upset about it. Last time we checked in with Hannah, she was contemplating breaking up with Fran, and it’s clear they still aren’t doing any better. In fact, it seems as though their relationship is starting to fracture even more, somewhat due to Hannah’s inability to see things from his perspective. She doesn’t seem to understand why Fran is so upset.

“Oh, so now I’m not supposed to show my vagina to anyone but you Fran? It’s about to be summer,” says Hannah in a line that is quintessentially Hannah.

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Adam is starring in a play called 38 Neighbors, a Sleep No More-style dramatization of the murder of Kitty Genovese that allows audience members to roam through the rooms of the neighbors who overheard Kitty being murdered in the street below and did nothing to help her. This case is known because of the bystanders’ indifference or lack of empathy for Kitty, which is very relevant to Sunday’s episode. Several of Girls‘ characters are either unable to empathize with someone else in their lives or need someone to look out for them while they get into terrible situations, but neither need is fulfilled.

Before the play starts, Hannah tries to break up with Fran by letting him know this isn’t working. But he assumes she’s not serious and refuses to talk about it at that moment since they’re in public. So Hannah grabs Ray, who is also in attendance, and goes off without her boyfriend.

Watching Hannah, Ray, and eventually Marnie move through the various rooms is kind of fun because they are completely oblivious to what’s going on in the scene as they are too focused on their own personal problems. Marnie thinks this is a great time to pull Ray aside and tell him about her decision to leave Desi. She asks Ray if he thinks she made the right decision to leave Desi and focus on being alone, but he avoids the question because he still has feelings for her and can’t possibly give a non-awkward answer.

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