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Girls recap: 'She Said OK'

Hannah’s birthday party is compromised by Adam’s sister (guest star Gaby Hoffmann), her drugged-up editor, and a suspended-in-time Marnie

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Jessica Miglio/HBO


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Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke
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You know it’s a pretty effed up episode of Girls when Adam gifts Hannah a tooth necklace — “It’s definitely my genetic material!” he announces proudly — and it’s not even that nuts in the context of everything else.

See, Adam’s manic, unstable sister is in town, played to glass-shattering perfection by Gaby Hoffmann, who’s best known as the little girl in a bunch of your favorite ’80s and ’90s movies like Field of Dreams, Uncle Buck, Sleepless in Seattle, and Now and Then. She recently popped up in season 3 of FX’s Louie as Louis CK’s ex. Fun facts: 1) Gaby will also be in the upcoming Veronica Mars movie. 2) Hoffmann and Dunham grew up hanging out together in NYC because Hoffman’s stepmom Cindy Sherman and Dunham’s mother Laurie Simmons were friends.

You wouldn’t want to be grandma-euthanizing Caroline Sackler’s friend. “She destroys everything in her wake,” Adam warns Hannah after she immediately offers to let Caroline stay. And why not — they still have all that fancy soap she stole from her parents’ hotel, and Hannah loves playing house. Why they are not renting out that extra bedroom for $1100 is well beyond me. Can’t Elijah return early? He’d make much better use of that soap.

When Hannah and Adam return home from her birthday party, Caroline’s standing in the bathroom — white tee, no pants, full bush. Deal with it. And she just annihilates a huge water glass with her left hand, staring straight ahead at them and drawing them into her mania.

Maybe I have a skewed view of glass craftsmanship, but those types of thick, paned drinking glasses seem like some of the sturdiest I’ve come across. I’ve dropped them onto wood floors hundreds of times and they act like you’re barely toying with them. Which is to say: The blistering fierceness is strong within Caroline. She was determined to have her dramatic moment, and that’s just what she got.

“I told you. She got in,” Adam laments to Hannah in bed. They do not have sex, stunningly. Everything is different. I picture Hannah tonguing her tooth necklace as a new falling-asleep ritual. Not that I want her to return to her rituals!

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