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Girls season premiere recap: It's My Choice

Hannah’s dating a new guy and caring for Adam, while Marnie begins to spiral out of control after getting fired

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Jessica Miglio/HBO


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Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke
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Girls is back. And the title of Sunday’s season 2 premiere was right: “It’s About Time.”

It’s hard to say how long it’s been since we left them. All we know is it’s been a few months. But things in Girls-land feel very different. The tone has even shifted from season 1’s manic irreverence and preciousness — the premiere was almost melancholy. Overall, the episode wasn’t concerned with giving viewers much exposition. Life has continued for our four heroines, and we’re just dropping right back in the middle of things, picking up clues along the way.

The episode opens with Hannah and Elijah spooning in bed. They are perfect platonic roommates. Hannah appears to be more focused and even a little less selfish — or trying to be. She’s dating someone new, too — Community’s Donald Glover, and they seem pretty happy but she’s being cautious. Probably because she’s playing Florence Nightingale to Adam, who’s bedridden with a full leg cast from his incident with the truck. “When you love someone you don’t have to be nice all the time,” Adam tells Hannah when she tries to have what seems like a regular “we’re not together” and “you’re not nice to me” talk with him. You get the sense that she’s only really putting up with Adam out of guilt, but he doesn’t seem to own her like he used to. By the end of the episode she tells him she doesn’t want to see him again.

We meet up again with Shoshanna living in what looks like a new apartment. She’s being weird and spraying air freshener, or something, and saying self-affirmations: “I thank the higher powers for all the gifts I have already received like a keen mathematical mind, and fairly fast-growing hair. And I ask the universe to present me with a path, and to ruin Ray’s life.”

Meanwhile, Marnie’s getting fired from her job at the art gallery. In what might be the most inappropriate firing ever, her boss admits it’s because she can only afford one employee, and she has to keep Julian (“Julian spilled Yoo-hoo on a print! Why would you keep him?”) because they’re sleeping together. Marnie and her mother (Rita Wilson) have a sidewalk café lunch of wine and salad, and we get a little glimpse into why Marnie is somewhat prickly and prudish — her mother isn’t. She says things like, “Really, sometimes all you need are a pair of rough hands on your body.”

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