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Girls recap: Common People

Shoshanna learns a secret about Ray, Jessa meets Thomas-John’s parents, and Hannah throws an awkward dinner party

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Alex Karpovsky
Jessica Miglio/HBO/Everett Collection


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Every story about New York is ultimately a story about money. Having it. Not having it. Wanting it. Getting it. In the television world, though, the logistics of life in one of the world’s most expensive cities is often pushed to the side. Think of the Friends and How I Met Your Mother apartments. But authenticity in sitcoms is hardly a requirement. Girls, on the other hand, is striving for something different, and has had a scattered relationship with money so far. The series started with Hannah’s parents cutting her off. We’ve heard a little bit about money since — everyone is at least passingly concerned with having an income, some people get help from relatives, and we know that Marnie covered Hannah’s rent and utilities for a while, but it still has never seemed particularly urgent. That changed a little bit in “It’s a Shame About Ray,” and worked to great dramatic effect to bring Shoshanna and Ray a little closer, and to tear Jessa and Thomas-John apart.

Elijah has moved out and Hannah is all of a sudden flush. Sort of. Vice stand-in JazzHate apparently published one of her pieces (about her night on cocaine?), and she’s decided to spend her paycheck on a bunch of organic ingredients to make Pad Thai for her friends. It’s a nice enough gesture, but she might have taken a little more time to think through her guest list. She invites Charlie and Audrey, thinking that Marnie isn’t going to show. But she does. And Hannah makes them all stay.

Audrey, who’s seemed to this point to be the ultimate cool girl — she wears those headbands, she’s starting her own mustard company — is not okay with Marnie being around. It’s hard to blame her. Charlie clearly still has a thing for the girl who broke his heart, and he makes that abundantly clear when he follows her to the roof after Audrey insults her. Still, Audrey’s real grievance should be with Charlie. Not Marnie. It’s easier to blame the other girl, though.

On the roof, Charlie tells Marnie that Audrey is lashing out at her because she’s jealous. He tells her that she has reason to be — that Marnie is beautiful and intelligent and clean (ha), and then tries to kiss her. But Marnie stops him before he can get too far. She’s dating someone, after all. Poor Charlie is especially unhappy when he finds out who it is, and storms off, telling Marnie that they’re truly over. It’s funny and accurate to see how differently exes deal with one another and their new relationships. Charlie clearly won’t hesitate to cheat on Audrey for Marnie. It’s not even that he’s a cheater or uncommitted, he’s just so desperately in love with Marnie. Marnie, however, clearly likes the attention from her ex, but treats relationships seriously — she didn’t cheat on Charlie, and she’s not going to cheat on Booth (though I doubt Booth would offer her the same respect).

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