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Girls recap: She Just Likes to Fight

Marnie’s told she’s not cut out for the art world; Hannah deals with her Republican boyfriend and stalker-ish ex

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Allison Williams


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Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Jemima Kirke
Lena Dunham, Judd Apatow
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When we are dancing

And you’re dangerously near me

I get ideas, I get ideas

And I want to hold you

So much closer than I dare to

I want to scold you

‘Cause I care more than I care to


“I Get Ideas” cover performed by M.Ward (version from the credits)



One of the most interesting threads of last week’s comments had to do with whether Hannah was actually happy and changed, or if it was just a performance of selflessness. I’m not sure that this episode really addresses that, but we do get to see Hannah making more decisions for herself and figuring out where she is and is not willing to compromise. But it is something I want to track for the remainder of the season, and I hope you’ll continue offering perspectives on it.



As for Sunday’s episode “I Get Ideas”…



Elijah and his boyfriend break up, because not only did Elijah sleep with Marnie (“it was like three pumps!”), he also identifies as bi. Interestingly, though Elijah doesn’t seem to mind justifying his three pumps to his boyfriend, he does NOT want to tell Hannah, and goes so far as to confront Marnie about it before she has the opportunity to share it either…but we’re getting ahead of ourselves.



Injured Adam has gotten up the energy to write and perform some sad sack songs on a guitar that he emails to Hannah. Obviously he does this shirtless. We wouldn’t want Adam any other way. Hannah wonders whether or not she’s supposed to be flattered by the gesture. Elijah doesn’t hesitate with a “nope,” adding, “he’s not going to shoot himself at the end of this, is he?” Hannah says, “I haven’t made it to the end.” They seem fairly serious. Adam is kind of a psychopath. Or maybe he’s just passionate. It’s interesting that he’s sober too. His behavior could be more easily written off if he was high or drunk, I think. But without substances, it’s just him. “I know I always said he was murder-y in a sexy way, but what if he’s murder-y in like a murderer way?” Is she actually scared of him? When Elijah says that Adam’s probably not going to murder her, Hannah finds a way to take offense at this, because it would mean that he didn’t love her enough. Oh, Hannah.



But she’s ok. She clearly likes the attention, but she also says she’s happy with Sandy, telling Elijah that it’s not a big deal that he’s a Republican. I like how Elijah deals with Hannah. He seems to enjoy her company, and he tolerates her crazy without coming across as condescending. Things are starting to fray with Hannah and Sandy, though. Elijah ribs him in a sort of joking, but mostly serious way about being a Republican. Sandy defends himself but chooses not to engage. But we find out he also hasn’t read Hannah’s essay yet. Neither bode well for Sandy.



NEXT: The Republican issue comes to a head…