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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce recap: 'Rule No. 33: When in Doubt, Run Away'

Abby discovers some new inspiration in a surprising place, and Lyla maybe, probably, definitely loses it for real.

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Girlfriends Guide To Divorce Recap
Sergei Bachlakov/Bravo

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

TV Show
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On Hiatus
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Paul Adelstein, Lisa Edelstein
Drama, Comedy

The ringing wisdom of tonight’s episode: “Nobody truly interesting is universally liked.” That’s a theme the show itself seems to be standing by. And tonight, things got interesting. Some people have really taken to this show, and some people haven’t, and that’s okay. At least it’s doing something (or at least, that’s what the new Abby might think). Carl the Gigolo’s theory holds up pretty well when applied to television, as well as people: the most interesting shows—and the most interesting people—always have their detractors.

Now, I’m not saying Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce is one of the most interesting shows on television. But it’s certainly not just another sitcom, or just another crime show, or just another dark anti-hero saga. This is a show about divorce and, as we find out tonight, the pretty messed-up women going through them. Not just L.A. messed-up, shuffling their kids to school in six-inch heels and trying to maintain amicable conscious uncouplings. No—I’m pretty sure that one of them got a hooker last night, another nearly killed an infant, and one is maybe, perhaps, I-could-be-reading-this-wrong, about to steal her kids. And don’t even get me started on Delia!

Abby says herself tonight—it’s a pretty meta episode, all around—that divorce is painful and sad and no one wants to read about or watch it. But what Abby is figuring out, and I think what this show continues to work out, is that sometimes the sad, scary, bleeding-out-in-front-of-your-friends stuff is the most interesting.

It’s a little odd that this point snapped into focus tonight then, as it was one of the season’s shiniest, lightest hours right up until the last few minutes. The episode kicks off with newest pals Abby, Delia, and Phoebe running in workout gear guarantees to chafe. Abby can’t stop stressing about how she needs to revitalize her career, so Phoebe suggests that they all go to Vegas together, throwing ever the lightest amount of shade when Abby declines—but suggests inviting Lyla instead. Apparently, Phoebe hasn’t realized that she’s the least likable person in this crew, and is a little over Lyla’s copping a negative attitude every time she sends a masseuse to sexually assault her.

But Abby, everybody’s favorite, doesn’t catch the hesitation, so she just invites disliked-but-interesting Lyla along, then decides—sure, what the hell—she’ll go too. She’s had a meeting with her hungover agent who still can’t stop talking about Cleo Stevens and her new mommy advice book, in which Cleo suggests that if you forget your baby’s food because you were too busy having your six morning mimosas or whatever, just chew up some of your turkey sandwich and shove it into your child’s mouth. This is the kind of parenting advice Abby’s agent says mothers no longer want from her. So, maybe a little relaxation time in Vegas with her girlfriends will help get her creative juices flowing enough to give the people what they want.

Except what her girlfriends want is to party. Phoebe and Delia show up ready to travel with every kind of edible marijuana imaginable, and Lyla shows up just to spite Phoebe for not inviting her: “Last one in is a rotten friend!” The real catalyst for the trip, though, is that Phoebe is trying to launch her ridiculous fine jewelry for babies line and has lined up a photo shoot during the annual Babystyle Convention. When they arrive to the VIP pool deck of their hotel, everyone blazed out of their minds except for Abby, they find that the keynote speaker of the Convention is Cleo Stevens, and she’s passing out enough promotional baby bottles full of chardonnay for everybody… again, except Abby.

NEXT: Peaceful Vegas: fail; Party Vegas: double (tequila) check…