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Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce recap: 'Rule No. 174: Never Trust Anyone Who Charges By the Hour'

Abby makes some marital decisions, Phoebe uses sex gifts to start a business, and Lyla’s mean streak with her husband escalates drastically.

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Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

TV Show
Current Status:
On Hiatus
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Paul Adelstein, Lisa Edelstein
Drama, Comedy

Unlike your recapper for Girlfriends’ Guide To Divorce from last week, the great Lanford Beard, I am not a Bravo TV connoisseur. Other than knowing it is responsible for the addiction my former roommates had to the Housewives shows, and my very limited knowledge of Top Chef, I was blissfully unaware of the channel until I decided to take a leap and watch this series’ pilot. So I am probably not the best person to compare and contrast the channel’s first scripted show’s tone against its other un-scripted fare. But I shall say one thing about Tuesday night’s second episode of Girlfriends: It definitely tried to balance showing the highs and lows of attempting a peaceful and mutual end to marriage. Whether or not it succeeded is a separate question entirely, and one that should probably be answered by someone who has gone through said scenario in real life.

What I do know is that the likability factor of each character Lanford discussed in length last week was changed in Tuesday night’s episode, and that feels like a step in the right direction. At least even with the characters that are hard to find redeemable (like Paul Adelstein’s Jake), we finally get the chance to see a little development and growth of their personalities. Jake might be a gigantic idiot who is very clearly wallowing in his failures and taking them out on Abby, but he does start the episode agreeing that he and Abby need to try and end their marriage on the best terms possible. They even share a fun moment together while looking for a new apartment for Jake. And he does later admit to his own career failings, albeit he does it to his new CW girlfriend.

Then again, he also gets unnecessary fluffing up, physically and mentally, by said girlfriend who tells Jake that his lack of financial contribution was not his fault as he was taking care of the kids. Her theory seems to be that this makes him entitled to the apartment that costs Abby $4,500 a month.

Abby’s mood about her relationship with Jake also seems to change by the second, influenced by her friends, her brother Max, who seems to still have a relationship with Jake, and of course her general confusion over how to handle their separation. Then there’s the reemergence of Abby’s email-lover, who finds out about her upcoming divorce and may want to rekindle their emotional affair, which is exactly what it is because he’s still married.

So who do we really root for in this series? The series is still in such early stages, but I’m leaning toward no one at the moment as there is so many stereotypically “divorcée” personalities exhibited. For example, bitter (yet hilarious) Lyla and her ex Dan’s escalating prank war, or Beau Garrett’s hippie divorcee Phoebe—who I’m assuming is partially based on Samantha from Sex and the City and Liz Danes from Gilmore Girls—attempting a new business from the jewelry she’s been given by her ex-husband’s postcoital-gifts. So in honor of last week’s likability ratings, let’s see where everyone falls this week, starting with most likable.

NEXT: Most Likable? Hint, it’s no one we’ve talked about so far.