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''Gilmore Girls'': Christopher and Lorelai talk

On ”Gilmore Girls,” Christopher finally faces the truth about his relationship with Lorelai, who is busy preparing Michel’s dog’s funeral

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David Sutcliffe, Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Keiko Agena, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Scott Patterson, Liz Torres, Yanic Truesdale, Milo Ventimiglia
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Rob Estes
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”Gilmore Girls”: Christopher and Lorelai talk

The crumbling of Lorelai and Christopher is complete. The first half of the season may have been a wash, but at least Christopher got to make a somewhat dignified bow. And Lauren Graham proved again that it’s actually not the snap-crackle banter she’s best at; give this girl a breakdown scene, and she’ll tear the roof off the sucka. Although — and I’m sorry to wallow in the shallow mud here — Lorelai was not at her physical best this episode. Wardrobe had her walking around half the night in bad small-town Thanksgiving wear: that weird black dress with the Laura Ashley flower accents. Lorelai boomeranged to Christopher and married him in a hopeless burst of romanticism. And a stylist thought it’d be a good idea to plant on Lauren Graham’s head an ill-fitting pink beanie that looked like the grown-up equivalent of a kick-me sign. The lesson last night: We all make mistakes!

Paris, who just keeps getting hotter and hotter, got the best lines of the night. I’m getting a little tired of the old dry-erase-board routine, but all was forgiven when she high-fived Rory and herself for whipping their boys into shape. ”Let’s make them go out and get tattoos. It will be like we branded them!” Now I’m all for Logan keeping his hands off bridesmaids and laying off the sauce, but can he loosen up a little? Okay, we get it, dude has a job. But he’s what, 22? I know he’s Mr. Big Stuff in the business world, but that scene of him on the phone, sweet-talking his little Acey Wacey, wearing his best GQ suit, tapping at his Blackberry, and waiting for his 10 o’clock coffee meeting was ridiculous. I know I’m going to get blasted by the Logan brigade — and yes, I appreciate how loyal and kind he’s been in the last few episodes — but he is just so gross and gelled and uninteresting. Not that Rory’s TA was any improvement. When she was burping and stammering with said fella, at first I thought I’d missed something. Have we met this guy before? Why is she acting like a special Smurf? Poor Alexis Bledel. No wonder there’s all those rumors of her not wanting to return for another season. Imagine her looking at her script for this episode: Rory thinks man is cute. Chest gets blotchy. Confesses to Logan that she Googled her crush. Gets told she’s a silly goose. Smooch. Get me rewrite!

I liked the backdrop of Michel’s dog’s funeral to Lorelai and Christopher’s breakup. While Michel was barking at Sookie to take his pain seriously (”If your child died, would you serve crudités?”), Lorelai wavered between rage, desperation, and finally resignation. What a relief when Chris first showed up to the inn and Lorelai finally stopped with the pleading and soothing routine and gave him the stuff for ditching her at the hospital. Christopher talked some sense this episode, accepting responsibility for pushing Lorelai to marry him when she was at her most vulnerable. She looked in danger of rolling up her sleeves to save this marriage at any cost. But when Lorelai told Sookie that her last-ditch plan to salvage their relationship was to cut Luke out of her life for good, her friend gently reminded her that the roadblock to their happiness might not be Luke alone.

There was a nice moment between Zack, Michel, and Lorelai as they planned the tunes for the funeral. Zach was thinking vintage David Bowie, but Michel wanted Celine Dion. As Lorelai flipped through the sheet music, she read off all the gushy heart titles, from ”My Heart Can’t Make Up Its Mind” to ”My Heart Will Go On.” Nice touch, writers! Her face slowly sunk throughout the episode, practically hitting the floor during the funeral service. We all knew what was coming back at the house, but perhaps you too were surprised by how truly sad her words to Christopher were. ”You’ve always been this wonderful possibility, but it’s just not right.” Points to David Sutcliffe for proving he can hold his own in a scene with so much meat to it. These two crazy kids just aren’t going to make it in the real world. And however sad Lorelai looked, I think we all feel a massive weight off our shoulders.

I do hope the writers leave Lorelai alone for a while. Yes, there was a nice forlorn look between her and Luke through the diner window, but can’t we lay off the romance for a few weeks? Scenes for next week already look promising, as news of the split spreads through the town. Miss Patty and Babette to the rescue!

But what did you think? Are you satisfied with Lorelai and Christopher’s graceful breakup? How pissed is Emily going to be? Do I have some weird blind spot concerning Logan, or do you too think he’s kind of a creep? Is Lane locked in a closet somewhere? On a complete side note, have you seen the previews for the awesome-looking Black Donnellys? I’m in.