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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life recap: Episode 2, Spring

Rory struggles with work and her love life while Lorelai embarks on a new adventure with Emily

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Saeed Adyani/Netflix

Gilmore Girls

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In Season
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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, Keiko Agena, Kelly Bishop, Edward Herrmann, Melissa McCarthy, Jared Padalecki, Scott Patterson, Liz Torres, Yanic Truesdale, Milo Ventimiglia
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Rob Estes
The CW, WB
Drama, Comedy

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Ah, springtime in Stars Hollow. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and Rory and Lorelai are trying very hard not to ruin their lives.

Welcome back to the second installment of Netflix’s Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which picks up just as the town center has started to thaw from winter. Lorelai is in therapy with Emily, has doubts about the Dragonfly, and ends up lying to Luke, while Rory is trying to unspool her complicated relationship with Logan and get back on her feet, professionally.

With cameos from Gilmore Girls-adjacent stars (hello, Mae Whitman!), old Stars Hollow favorites (Babette!), and a visit to Chilton (Tristan, is that you?), “Spring” features hints and Easter eggs for Gilmore Girls diehards while expertly navigating the new plot’s shocking twists. Yes, we’re calling Rory’s one-night stand with a Wookie a “shocking twist.” Let’s get into it…

“Spring” kicks off with a cold open, featuring Lorelai and Emily back in therapy with Claudia. They sit in silence. Lorelai apologizes for everything at once and nothing specific, and that isn’t enough. No one’s healed yet, but over the next 90 minutes, we start to see who the therapy is actually helping. (More on that later.)

Back in Stars Hollow, Taylor and Kirk are running an international spring food festival, featuring Swedish meatballs, bibimbap from the Kim family, and Jackson’s beloved vegetable stand. There’s still no sign of Sookie, but Jackson assures she’s doing just fine up at Dan Barber’s organic mecca.

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Across the pond in London, Rory is visited by another old acquaintance: Mr. Huntzberger. He drops by while she and Logan have lunch, and we’re reminded of the condescending nature of their last encounter, when he told her she wouldn’t make it as a reporter. Here, though, he’s suspiciously kind and totally unaware of Rory and Logan’s illicit relationship. Instead, he offers to help Rory nail down that Conde Nast interview. It’s a tense conversation, made only more uncomfortable when we find out that Logan is engaged.

Let’s repeat that: Logan is engaged.

And yet, he and Rory are still seeing each other.

As more details of their relationship unfold, we learn that he still calls her Ace (!) and that his fiancée is a French heiress named Odette who lives in Paris. Sorry Rory, no one comes out of this looking like a winner.

But before we get too entangled in Logan and Rory’s mess, we’re treated to our first Town Hall of the year. Taylor’s at the podium, of course, asking anyone who identifies under the LGBTQ umbrella to come on out and walk in Stars Hollow’s first-ever gay pride parade. What follows is an awkward exchange that doesn’t totally find the right tone. (Forcing folks to out someone isn’t great, Stars Hollow.) Gypsy implies Taylor may be gay. Lorelai gets called out for eating. And Babette spills the beans about a secret Stars Hollow bar. Wait, what? We need to go to there. But mostly, Taylor is bummed that a movie starring A-list actors like Matthew McConaughey and Cate Blanchett is filming in nearby Woodbury, and therefore helping their economy instead of Stars Hollow’s. Their town is now stuck with the B-list folks staying at the Dragonfly, which is just fine by Lorelai.

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