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In the Sept, we see the major players have gathered. There’s the High Sparrow, Lancel Lannister, Margaery Tyrell, and Ser Loras. Ah, poor Ser Loras. He’s a broken man, ready to say anything to stop the pain. He’ll be put out of his misery soon. Loras says there’s no need for a trial; he’s ready to “confess” everything. He’s willing to sacrifice his title and future to become a member of the Faith Militant. The High Sparrow has their cult’s star carved into his forehead to help keep him on board. Margaery is upset — that wasn’t part of their deal, she says, which confirms for us that there was indeed some backroom haggling going on between them. The Sparrow says he’s fine, he’s joining the faith, that’s their mark, what’s the big deal? He has a way of making whatever he wants sound reasonable. 

But then, Margaery starts to get concerned. No Cersei? No Tommen? That’s not good — for them. 

“Something’s wrong,” she tells the Sparrow, who sends Lancel to fetch Cersei. 

He takes a few Faith Militant to get her. You would think after their previous attempt to extract Cersei from the Red Keep they would have brought more men. On the way out Lancel “catches” one of Qyburn’s “little bird” spies. Lancel gives chase and he’s led to a dungeon by the Sept. The Little Bird stabs him in his spine, which looks horrible. Lancel realizes he’s by a massive cache of wildfire, that infamously explosive napalm-like substance Tyrion used to sink most of Stannis’ fleet during the Battle of the Blackwater back in season 2. The Mad King had an enormous stash created when he planned to burn the city down before his order was halted to Jaime. This is the discovery by Qyburn’s Little Birds that he and Cersei discussed previously, all cryptic-like. 

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Lancel crawls forward toward a candle burning down, he’s trying to blow it out and stop what’s about to be an enormous explosion. He almost makes it. In a terrific shot, you see the green flash in the reflection of his eye. 

Back at the trial, Margaery tries to leave, but she’s blocked by the Faith Militant just like Tommen was blocked by The Mountain. Nobody is leaving their respective rooms! Margaery doesn’t know what’s going to happen, exactly, but has correctly calculated they are somehow totally screwed. “She’s beaten you; she knows the consequences of not being here,” she tells the befuddled Sparrow. He’s too proud to admit he’s wrong, brought down by one of the seven deadly sins, and it’s ironic given that the reputation he tries so hard to cultivate is that of a man who is humble. 

Margaery doesn’t want to spend her final moments with the High Sparrow, so she goes to her brother. She holds onto Loras as the explosion comes. We see the High Sparrow obliterated. The entire Sept explodes in an orgasmic burst of green fire. Margaery, Loras, Kevan Lannister, Mace Tyrell, the High Sparrow — all gone. Crown beats church. Don’t mess with Cersei.

And then we see Cersei, wearing a little gleeful smile. Green wildfire for her green eyes. Looking out her window, it’s like she’s watching the Game of Thrones finale along with us, and loving how it’s all turning out. All her local enemies have been wiped out, all at once. I wonder, if Cersei could have opted to spare Margaery from the fire, if she would have? Probably not. 

Actually, they’re not all her local enemies. There’s one left. And somehow Cersei made certain she wasn’t in the Sept when it went boom. 

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