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Frequency recap: Season 1, Episode 7

While Satch tries to retire, Raimy finds a big Nightingale clue

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Katie Yu/The CW


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“Break, Break, Break” was all about loss — being a police officer, and specifically being a police officer on the Nightingale task force, has taken a lot from Raimy, Frank, and Satch. While Raimy and Frank are ready to dig deeper, Satch is ready to give up. And that’s where tonight’s episode begins…

Raimy gets called into Dirty Moreno’s office so he can tell her that since Satch has retired, he will now be in charge of the Nightingale task force (even though that’s not the proper chain of command). Obviously not pleased, Raimy goes straight to Satch’s house. He’s living like a slob, with no family in sight.

We flash back to 1996, when Satch is ecstatic from preventing Amanda Baldwin’s murder. He comes home to Leah and his two kids — it’s a much happier house. And Satch has even more to be thrilled about: He’s just been put on the short list for NYPD sergeant. But Frank brings him back to earth: He tells Satch they have a VIN from the burned truck’s engine, so they go track down the owner, Bill Bradley. Bill says he keeps the truck at his summer cabin in the Catskills, but he hasn’t been there in years.

Back in 2016, Raimy pushes Satch to keep helping. She wants to know more about the Catskills, which didn’t lead to much when Frank and Satch originally investigated it in 1996. Satch isn’t thrilled about helping Raimy, but he does take her to his garage, where he’s set up a shrine to Nightingale. It has all the files and info she could need.

If those weren’t enough flashbacks for you, we also get one to a couple years earlier, when Frank made detective. Julie and Raimy are celebrating at the station, but Frank failed to mention he’s going into narcotics, where he’ll have to be undercover. He says it will only be a couple months, but we know that wasn’t the case. Fast-forward a couple years later — a woman knocks on Julie’s back door and says she’s part of Frank’s undercover life. She’s the woman in the photos Moreno threatened Frank with last week. This is not going to end well…

Her name is Miracella (Zoo‘s Alyssa Diaz), and I was right: This doesn’t end well. Julie figures out what happened between the two and confronts Frank about it when he comes over later. They argue about him going undercover yet again; Julie says it turned him into a different person, but Frank turns it around and calls her out for her relationship with Coach Ted.

With nothing resolved, Frank heads over to his garage, where he tells Miracella it’s definitely over between them (also that she needs get the eff out of town because Moreno is taking out everyone who knows his dirty little secret). And then Julie heads to Ted’s for an “emergency study session,” where she ends up studying the human body…if you know what I mean.

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