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Frequency recap: Season 1, Episode 5

Raimy relives her first arrest — in both the original and current timelines

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Michael Courtney/The CW


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Remember how Stan Moreno was possibly/maybe/totally a crooked cop and then we never talked about it again? Well, “Seven Three” brings that little detail back to the forefront. Stan Moreno is definitely — totally — a crooked cop.

See, Stan was Raimy’s training officer in the original timeline. And thanks to her very first collar getting out of jail and immediately getting shot in the new timeline, Raimy is able to reinvestigate the crime and learn a little bit more about Stan’s shadiness.

Here are the facts: Benny Arcaro was a heroin dealer who beat his girlfriend to death in 2008 and then fled the scene. In the original timeline, Stan and Raimy found him with two bullet holes in the back of the head. In the altered timeline — where Frank was Raimy’s TO — they found him, arrested him, and sent him to jail for eight years.

It’s now 2016 and Benny is getting out of jail, but he’s immediately shot at his halfway house…with two bullets to the back of the head. Frank and Raimy decide to use this case to expose Stan — and because Raimy has two memories in her head, she basically has two crime scenes to pull from.

But Frank has personal problems to deal with first: He goes to Young Raimy’s softball game, where he notices Julie’s not wearing a wedding ring and that she’s awfully chummy with the softball coach, Ted. He doesn’t love that, but he puts on a good face for Raimy. She says Coach Ted tells her she needs a new glove — which Frank promises to buy that weekend — and Coach Ted comes to her house sometimes. Frank really doesn’t love that.

Meanwhile, Raimy flashes back to taking the 911 call about Benny’s abuse. With her dad, they find the girlfriend, Gina Vitale, and Raimy does CPR until Frank tells her it’s too late. With Stan, Raimy does compressions while Stan goes through the house, finds a bag of heroin marked with a scorpion, and takes it out with him. Back in 2016, she’s looking through the original file. She can’t figure out how he only got eight years after killing his girlfriend. Satch says he must have gotten a good lawyer — but he only had a public defender.

Stan Moreno doesn’t like Raimy investigating this, and he tells Satch as much. He sees Benny as a lowlife who doesn’t deserve two members of the Nightingale killer task force taking the time to solve his murder. But Satch says they need to run down Gina’s family before giving up. Raimy then straight-up calls out Stan for personally knowing Benny, but he denies it.

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