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Frequency recap: Season 1, Episode 3

Frank and Satch track down Goff while Raimy goes a bit off the deep end

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“This is weird,” Present Raimy tells her dead father when he says he’s babysitting her younger self that evening. “Nah, you think?” he responds.

We do think, Frank. Frequency is definitely weird, but that’s what makes the show so intriguing to watch. There’s an almost thriller-like aspect to each week as we watch Frank race through the past to fix Raimy’s present. I’m still not sure how this will solve all the problems they keep creating, but they did save one woman who didn’t exist in Raimy’s timeline, so there’s hope.

“The Near Far Problem” picks up where we left off last week: Raimy tells her father how Thomas Goff’s shed is missing and there’s an underground bunker where it used to be. Frank grabs Satch, whose garage he’s living in, and they head back to the Goff house in Jersey. Thomas’ mom puts up a fight again, but Frank isn’t playing around this time. He goes straight over to the shed and breaks the lock. They smell bleach and ask if she’s helped her son clean up blood lately — the look on Marilyn’s face says it all.

As Raimy stares at Maya’s case file on the computer, Frank runs through the woods and finds her barely conscious. When Raimy refreshes the file, she sees Maya’s status changed from “missing” to “rescued.” That’s one for Team Sullivan! Unfortunately, it also says Thomas Goff has been a fugitive since 1996.

When the father-daughter duo talks on the ham radio that evening, Raimy says Goff has to be the Nightingale killer. Frank isn’t so sure — Maya doesn’t really fit the profile — but Raimy insists this is how they’ll save her mom.

Speaking of Julie, her family wants to have a memorial service for her. When Raimy continues to say no, Gordo tells her he’s handling it anyway, so she goes to drink at a bar. While she’s there, she flashes back to her second date with Daniel, where they shared their first kiss in a photo booth. Cliché, but they’re cute, so I’ll allow it. She returns to the present, where she’s alone, and the bartender buys her a shot in honor of her dead mother.

The girl is not having a good night in either timeline. Her younger self is packing up to stay at Frank’s house (a.k.a. Satch’s garage) while her mom goes to work. Frank offers to sweeten the deal with a movie and gummy bears, which he immediately rescinds. He and Satch go off to find Thomas while Young Raimy stays with Satch’s wife, Leah. Not even the thought of Leah’s lasagna can cheer her up.

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