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January 11, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST


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Well, that wasn’t too bad.

The way last week’s episode ended — with a body in Frank’s trunk and Raimy shooting that same (future) body in the chest — things could have been very bad for the Sullivan family. But thanks to the space-time continuum, they luck out.

“Negative Copy” picks up immediately after. Raimy is in the passenger seat of a cop car wondering why Deacon Joe’s body is still lying on the pavement where she shot him. Satch is hoping they can take care of this situation, but Moreno says there are too many witness statements to make it go away.

So they head to the precinct, where Raimy gets a standing ovation and Satch tells her he has to take her badge. She gets a union-appointed lawyer, but she’s barely able to say “hi” to the IA investigator before Gordo Senior bursts in the door. He’s taking over as Raimy’s counsel in this case.

Gordo Junior and Gordo Senior take her home, where Daniel is waiting on the porch. “My heart lies with Moseby,” the young Gordo whispers to her before taking off. With wine and donuts in hand, Daniel tells her he broke up with his fiancée that morning. As if Raimy needed more to deal with…

She sends him away and then goes to the ham to figure out what went wrong. Frank tells her what we know: He got T-boned while Deacon Joe was in the trunk, but Deacon Joe wasn’t dead and was able to escape. Making matters worse for him, when he gets home, Julie sees the giant gash on his head and the giant dent in his police car. He sorta-kinda tells his wife without exactly telling her that he needs to kill the Nightingale. Surprisingly, Julie is okay with this plan.

But that doesn’t help Frank’s current situation: When he goes into the precinct, he finds out the drunk guy who caused the accident went to the hospital and announced he hit a cop car. That means all the precincts are having to account for their cars. But what’s more: The drunk guy claims he saw someone jump out of the trunk.

All of this is causing Frank to second-guess his and Raimy’s decision to cut off the trunk that is Deacon Joe. But Raimy points out that now it’s not just Julie’s life on the line, it’s also Raimy’s — she could go to jail. Then Young Raimy comes in, and he realizes what he could be losing.

So that night, Frank goes back to Joe’s house, where he waits for his moment to take him out. (Did anyone else think it was odd Joe went back to his house as if he hadn’t just been attacked there?) Frank is hiding inside, about to strike, when a woman named Patty from the church comes by. She tells him about the money missing from the safe; he swears it wasn’t him and then invites her in for tea.

I was worried he would kill her, but Frank doesn’t seem that concerned. He heads home and tells Julie he failed in being a murderer … again.

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