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Finding Carter recap: 'The Consequences of Longing'

Carter fixes things with Jared, and Taylor has the worst first college experience imaginable.

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Finding Carter

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Kathryn Prescott, Cynthia Watros, Anna Jacoby-Heron

If this show teaches us anything, it’s that being a teenager is hard. You’re insecure. You’re not sure what you want out of life. You don’t have enough freedom. You don’t have enough guidance. There are so many emotions! (You get the picture.)

But also, it teaches us to never, EVER, let a frat boy “refill” your drink at a party. Seriously. Remember that one.

The Teenage World

Thankfully for Carter, Jared’s moral compass is a bit skewed, so although they’re no longer a couple, he’s still allowing a 17-year-old to work at his bar. If all she has to complain about right now is getting the silent treatment, then she should really stop complaining.

But because Carter can’t go more than five minutes without another huge problem, she witnesses Ben messing with the credit card reader at the bar. In other words, he’s tech savvy, but he’s also dumb. I mean honestly. Did you really decide to do this while Carter is here?

However, Ben claims that he’s not affecting the bar’s bottom line because the bank covers any losses. Then he pulls the classic brotherly move of threatening his sister not to mess with him. Siblings are fun.

Speaking of siblings, Carter’s good sibling, Taylor, is packing for a prospective students weekend at a nearby college. She’s going with Damon and Gabe, which leads her to tell Max all about Gabe’s feelings for her. But don’t worry, Max is literally the most chill and forgiving – cough, Crash — teenager to ever exist. Max is all “I can’t really blame him for being into you. As long as he’s the only one doing the feeling, I’m cool.” But is he really? More on that later.

Back at the bar, Carter is trying to help plan this week’s rave when she decides to rat Ben out … without really ratting Ben out. She tells Jared that the credit card reader “looks different.” It’s a smart move until a pissed off Ben goes to Elizabeth and informs her that her daughter is working at a bar.

So yeah, it takes about three minutes for Elizabeth to get in her car and find Carter at work. For some reason, Jared admits that he knows Carter’s age — she’s a cop, dude — but Carter assures her mother that it’s all her fault because she has a fake I.D. And yet, when given an other opportunity to rat out Ben, this time for making fake I.D.s, Carter once again proves she’d do really well in prison by keeping her mouth shut.

As for Elizabeth, she obviously wants Carter to quit. But because she’s Carter, she refuses. And to add on to the drama, Carter calls David and asks for his help on the situation. She also then informs him that, thanks to their visit, Ben and Lori passed the social worker visit. (Yeah, Elizabeth just overheard all of this.)

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