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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Finale Chance to Shine

The final four each take the stage five times as they stake their claims to the season 5 crown

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Sytycd Kayla Radomski
Mike Ruiz/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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You heard it as well as I did, folks. A mob of die-hard So You Think You Can Dance fanatics packed well up into the rafters of the Kodak Theater for last night’s performance finale, and all…wait…what was the number of people that Cat Deeley, and Adam Shankman, and Mary Murphy each repeated over and over again? Well, anytoots, there were oodles of them, and they made quite clear which of the final four dancers they were pulling for the most: ”Eh-van! Eh-van! Eh-van!” Ah Evan. Sweet, charming, incredibly popular, way out-of-his-league Evan. I mean, I get it. He’s the only dancer who’s never been in the bottom three or two, and as such is, apparently, invincible. That was evident just in the way the judges made it their mission to bleed him dry with a thousand back-handed compliments (and a few outright gut shots), hoping that they could somehow suppress his astronomic, tween-girls-who-lose-their-bloomin’-brains-over-nonthreatening-sweet-and-kitteny-boys voting bloc. The only way Evan could make himself more enticing for his power-texting fan base is if he admitted that his pasty complexion was due to the fact that he’s secretly a member of the Cullen clan. (Today’s gratuitous EW.com Twilight reference was brought to you by the Twitter hashtag #ABV-is-curious-to-see-if-he-can-get-the-SYTYCD-comment-board-above-2,000-messages.)

And yet, there is one dancer who stands a surprisingly strong chance of derailing the Evan bullet train (which evidently has plowed right through the Hot Tamale Train, as it made nary a screeching chug-a-chug at all last night). Thanks in small part to some subtle producer-pimping and not-so-subtle judge-pimping, and in large part to the fact that her solo pretty much stole the show, Jeanine may pull off the biggest come-from-behind upset in SYTYCD history.

Before I get to why, however, I gotta pause for a sec for a quick Cat Deeley intervention. Cat, sweetums, love the hair, love the giddy excitement at standing in the Kodak Theater, love the guff you threw back at the judges for picking on Evan (because, really, who doesn’t love them some Cat Deeley guff?), love the eleventy-inch heels. But the next time you need a place to stash your hair clips overnight, I’d suggest not clasping them to the front of your ritzy frocks. And if you simply must do so, then I’d suggest perhaps not waiting to remove said hair clips until right before you walk on stage. For one thing, you’ll save a bundle on steam cleaning bills.

Okay, back to the show, which, like every SYTYCD performance finale, was as much an endurance test as it was a dancing competition. With each dancer on stage five separate times, it’s no wonder that my favorite dance of the night was the very first, Wade Robson’s football-players-and-saucy-cheerleaders group number. All the dancers were loose, full of energy, and obviously having a blast, from the rehearsals — how cool is it that Wade can not only dance his own numbers, but that he does it wearing what appears to be your standard pair of men’s jeans? — to the performance itself. Even though Evan was undeniably out-danced in it (a trend that continued throughout the show), he still managed to shine and impress even cold-hearted, callous me. Also, as we learned later, it was his gramma who covered her ears as the Kodak roared its approval at the end, introducing a nice new angle to this season’s Adorable Grandparents motif.

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